UPDATED: From the Franklin Police Department and Alderman Steve Olson

Received this email from Franklin Alderman Steve Olson this morning and felt it was important to post.

Eugene T. Comiskey

From: “Steve Olson” <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, Mar 15, 2012
Subject: FPD needs your help
To: “Undisclosed Recipients” <
[email protected]>

Dear Neighbors:

 Please help the Franklin Police find this gentleman:

 We are searching for a missing 81 year male, Eugene T. Comiskey of 7716 Maple Ridge Ct.  Last seen around 5PM yesterday in the area of S. 76th & W. Terrace Dr.  He is 6 ft, 195 lbs, gray hair, green eyes wearing /glasses, maroon long sleeve shirt & khaki pants.

 If you see Mr. Comiskey please call the Franklin Police Department at 425-2522 or 911.


 Ald. Olson





UPDATE  3/16: I didn’t get home from picking up my daughter from UW- Whitewater until late last night so this is the first chance I had to update this notice. Thanks to Aimee Schlueter (911 dispatcher and candidate for FPS Board of Education) for commenting that Mr. Comiskey had been found. I was also pleasantly surprised to get the message that Mr. Comiskey was found from the City of Franklin Emergency Notification System which sent my cell phone the message that he had been found. Earlier in the day, the Notification System sent the message Mr. Comiskey was missing  to all Franklin Residents that had subscribed to Emergency text notifications from the City of Franklin Emergency Notification System.  As I have noted before the notification system can do much more that the outdated Tornado Siren system we paid $150,000 for last year and for considerably less cost.

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Common Council Dodges the Bullet for Now

….. So to speak. I am of course referring to the Concealed Carry Ordinance, Mayor Taylor proposed at the October 18th meeting of the Common Council which he did not attend.

None of the Aldermen in attendance committed to both parts of the ordinance that would have in one part make the carrying of a concealed weapon a ticketable offense vs a forfeiture crime. A forfeiture crime would require a civil lawsuit instead of allowing law enforcement being able to ticket someone breaking the new law.

The second part would of made City Hall, the Library and other city buildings a posted area that would prohibit a permit holder to carry their weapon in the specified city buildings.

Please enjoy the five parts (it took over 40 minutes) of the Common Council discussing the proposed Mayor Tom Taylor ordinance. Please also note, that even Chief Oliva is not really on board with the Mayor’s Ordinance to push to prohibit, concealed carry permit holders from being able to carry in the city buildings.

The Franklin Common Council Committee of the Whole is scheduled to take this ordinance up again on October 31st and vote on it on November 1st Common Council meeting.

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As Predicted

Even the Mayor had to step in to break up the fight that you will hear this at the end of the sound clip. You may have to turn up your volume as their are issues with the audio from the City of Franklin’s Website. Alderman Steve Taylor and his anger manangement issues are the highlight of Franklin politics again. The Common Council spent almost a half hour arguing about the how, what and who is excused from a Common Council meeting and then tabled it. This is the THIRD time they have spent time over this subject. They are almost as disfunctional as the President of Franklin Public School Board.


Contact Mayor Taylor and tell him that “Yes you as a tax payer do not tollerate this kind of behavior from our Council President”.

His email address is: [email protected] 


call him and leave a message at: 427-7529.


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Expect Alderman Taylor to Reject this one!

G. 9. Ordinance to Amend the Municipal Code as it pertains to Common Council Member Attendance at Meetings (Alderman Olson).

Mr. Scowl!

Just because it is by Alderman Steve Olson who Alderman Steve Taylor admits that he just can not get along with.


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Alderman Ken Skowronski IS Capable of Kindergarten Politics

……. and he showed that he is at the August 16th Common Council meeting.

During the attendance being taken by City Clerk Sandy Wesolowski,  Sandy stated the Alderman Steve Olson had contacted her and that Alderman Olson would not be able to attend the Tuesday meeting.  Sandy had also forwarded the e-mail on to the Mayor.

Alderman Ken Skowronski in a kindergarten style tantrum demanded, for what reason and refused to let the issue lie. The Mayor said it was up to the council to excuse Olson so Alderwoman Wilhelm said as far as she is concerned, he is excused. Still not good enough for Skowronski he continued to pursue it. Of course Alderman Steve Taylor could not keep quiet and just had to say ” at least it is better than what he did the last time”.

Here are the emails that were sent afterwards, with Sandy Wesolowski explaining to council members that for security reasons, she does not publicly state if a Council member “is out of town”—for security reasons (That usually means your house is empty or someone else is home alone…). Sandy further states she does this to protect the Alderman’s residents and their spouse while they may be out of town for the meeting.

You may remember some years ago that former Mayor Fred Klimetz received threatening phone calls at his home from a Franklin city resident while he was away.

Here is the letter from City Clerk Sandy Wesolowski to the Mayor and Alderman after the August 16th council meeting:

From: Sandi Wesolowski [mailto:[email protected]]
Wednesday, August 17, 2011 4:42 PM
Tom Taylor
FW: Council Meeting, 8/16/11


In answer to Ald. Skowronski’s questions at the 8/16/11 meeting as to WHERE Ald. Olson was, he did inform me last week that he will be out of town (as you can see from the first email on this chain).  As my own practice that I have always tried to follow in the past, at a public meeting, I usually do not like to state when someone “is out of town”—for security reasons.  (That usually means your house is empty or someone else is home alone…)

Any questions or comments, please let me know (do not reply to all).


Here is the response from Alderman Steve Olson after it came to his attention:

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 8:38 PM
To: [email protected]; [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]
Subject: RE: Council Meeting, 8/16/11


Ladies and Gentlemen:

After I received this e-mail I made it a point to listen to the recording of last evening’s meeting.

I can only assume that Ald. Skowronski’s inquiry of WHY I was not in attendance was in heartfelt concern for my well being and an abundance of worry.  To believe in any other motivation would mean that the question came from arrogance, anger, a need to pick a fight or some other nefarious reason.

Let me be clear (again).  I do NOT report to any of you.  Not the mayor, not the council president or any other alderman.  My reasons for not being at the meeting are mine and mine alone.  No one has the privilege of asking WHY I was not at the meeting unless they are a resident of the 1st Aldermanic District.  The fact that I chose to let the Director of Clerk Services know that I would not be in attendance was and is a courtesy, extended out of respect for the body.

Let me also be clear.  There is no ordinance in place that gives permission or assigns the duty of “excusing” anyone on any board or commission or the council from anything.  To think that a peer would have such authority shows just how self important our Council has gotten.

Ald. Olson

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Bad Behavior

With the last Common Council meeting landing on the day after the 4th of July, I was unable to attend this meeting on July 5th. I was unable to bring you a video of Mayor Taylor, Common Council President Steve Taylor, Alderman Steve Olson and Alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm “discussing” the difference between an “excused absence” and an “absence” for the June 21st Common Council Meeting.

In its place I have brought you the audio portion of the Common Council meeting with the discussion of the Council meeting minutes along with still pictures of those speaking (sorry, it’s the best I could do). You can find it on the WAG THE DOG VIDEO on YouTube and here on this posting below.

I can only imagine what Attorney Lynda Templen who was representing her client Steele Solutions Properties in a request for IDRB funding by the City of Franklin to expand their facility in the 9900 block of South 57th Street though as she spoke to the Council right after this “discussion”.

Mayor Taylor has whined over and over again how Franklin bloggers are ruining the reputation of the City of Franklin. Both he and Alderman Steve Taylor have blamed bloggers for the lack of economic development in the City of Franklin, yet this juvenile behavior must speak volumes on how this city is being run and by whom. How do you think Attorney Templen will portray, the Mayor when she goes back to her clients and her law firm, Whyte, Hirshboeck, & Dudek.

Please feel free to call and let him know how you feel. The Mayors numbers is 427-7529 or contact him by e-mail at [email protected].

This is the link to the City of Franklin Website and the full Common Council audio of the July 5th Meeting.

UPDATE – July 19, 2011 Council Meeting Agenda
G. Reports and Recommendations
1. Reconsideration of action taken at 7/05/2011 Common Council meeting to approve minutes of the regular Common Council meeting of 6/21/2011 to change the description of the absence of Ald. Wilhelm from the meeting from “absent” to “excused” (Alderman Taylor).

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Just Ask Alderman Doug Schmidt….

Where is your news letter on what is going on in the Franklin’s 5th District? What are the changes in the 5th district boundry’s? What happened to your idea’s on the EDC? Will you have more than one bag of candy for the parade? Will you be distributing ice cream or just eating it?

Since Alderman Schmidt does not communicate with any of his constituents you can subscribe to Alderman Steve Olson’s e-mails like I do.

Here is Steve’s latest e-mail:

From: Steve Olson [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Saturday, July 02, 2011 10:28 PM
To: Undisclosed Recipients
Subject: A few quick city updates

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

I have a few quick notes to pass along to you regarding activities in the city.

First, Happy Birthday US!  I hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July holiday and look forward to seeing you at the parade.  As usual, make sure you catch my attention as we come by on the parade route and I’ll make sure (unless you’re at the very end of the route) that you and the kids get some Tootsie Rolls and maybe a handshake.  I may even have a treat for the dogs!  The Children’s Parade starts at 10:30am Monday.  Decorate the bikes and wagons and meet in the Police/Courts parking lot at about 10:00am.  The politicians follow at 10:40am followed by the usual gap, then the parade at 11:00am.

Don’t forget the festivities at Lions Legend Park.  There are bands, children’s activities and food.  The headliner Monday night is “Little Pink Houses,” a Melencamp cover band that I think is very good.


For the first district (mine), the change will REMOVE residents west of Forest Meadows Drive between Forest Hill and Drexel and place them in District 2 (Ald. Solomon).  District 1 will ADD residents east of 76th Street to 68th Street between Drexel and Puetz Road.

Other changes involve the 2nd and 5th districts primarily.

There are legislative guidelines that impact the re-districting, but I believe that YOU, the residents should be able to view and make comment on the redistricting.  Please take some time to attend the Council meeting and offer your opinions.


The Mayor and other members of the Common Council have made substantial changes in economic development activities and direction for the city.  I’ll only say that for the past 20 years I’ve been actively involved in bringing (and attempting to bring) a balance to our tax base by encouraging business development in our community.  In the past, I’ve served on the Economic Development Committee as a member and as its’ Chair.  I’ve serve on and chaired the 27th Street Steering Committee and was instrumental in forming the Economic Development Strategic Plan Oversight Committee (made up of Common Council, School Board, EDC, Plan Commission and Community Development Authority members) that developed the Ticknor Report and Franklin First plans for city wide economic development.

Because of the direction decided on by the Mayor and Common Council, I have decided to withdraw from these activities.

On a brighter note; Joining with Alderman Taylor, I fought to have EVERY dollar of assessed value of the Franklin Business Park be calculated as a tax reduction for the taxpayers of the city.  The Business Park was developed under a TIF district that this year will be completely paid off and put on the tax rolls.  That means that approximately $160,000,000  (one hundred and sixty MILLION dollars) in new tax base will be added for your December tax bill reduction.  I note that the TIF was retired in 18 years, 5 or 8 years ahead of the plan even though there were 2 rather substantial rules changes during its’ life that impacted the payback period.


You may know that the new tornado sirens have been installed and tested.  I, to this day, believe that the $150,000 that the Common Council spent this year to install these is a waste of money, but they’re in.  Let’s hope they never get used.

For substantially less money, (less than $10,000), we have also implemented a “Reverse 911” system in the city to provide parallel and expanded notification of not only severe weather, but other events which may warrant resident notification.  EXCEPT FOR TORNADO WARNING, participation is VOLUNTARY.  There are many events which you may be interested in receiving notification via phone, cell phone, text or e-mail notification.  Please sign up for this FREE (well, it did cost $10,000 to set up) service on-line by completing a form on the city web site at: http://www.franklinwi.gov/Home/Services/FranklinNotificationSystem.htm

That’s it for now.

Say Hi at the Parade or when you’re getting FREE ICE CREAM donated by Hiller Ford after the parade.


Steve Olson
8091 S. Meadowcreek Ct.
Franklin, Wisconsin 53132

E-Mail: [email protected]

As for Alderman Doug Schmidt, I would not hold my breath waiting for any communication from him.

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UPDATE: Kowalski Apologizes – Common Council moves to Private / Public EDC

It was no surprise that after Greg Kowalski – President of the Citizens for Community Development (CCD) apologized publicly in his Franklin Today blog  to Alderman Steve Taylor saying ” I hope my readers know me well enough by now to understand that my personal passion for helping our community move forward easily could trump writing this blog. If the blog became something that didn’t serve a justice to the city and its residents, it should be shut down. I told CCP Taylor that what he had to say was fair and I fully understood and appreciated his remarks.”  Kowalski then went on to say ” I did, in a nutshell, read “in-between the lines” with CCP Taylor’s remarks to me, which wasn’t appropriate on my part, and I have already personally apologized to CCP Taylor for doing so.”

Lastly Greg states “For the record, I do not fear my 1st Amendment rights will be trampled in any way, shape or form (referring to Taylor’s city editorial review). I believe it was simply CCP Taylor giving a friendly reminder that people are reading and watching, and some might take things a bit too seriously and offensively than others. CCP Taylor did not at all recommend Franklin Today being shut down, noting how the site is basically the new cord that connects the community together, and how that would be a shame if it were to be eliminated.”

Greg did not mention the fact that Alderman Steve Taylor has a politically charged blog on FranklinNOW which his topics often cause the city to be looked at in a unfavorable light.

So now as of last night it looks like Greg is getting his wish as the Common Council looks to be going forward with a combined private / public Economic Development Commission.  In turn last night, Alderman Steve Olson stated for the record, he no longer is a part of the Economic Development Commission. I have been told that Commissioner Joe Haselow will most likely resign today also.

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Economic Development in Franklin – Try Number II

Rick Romano of the omnipresent FranklinNOW posts the story of the upcoming proposals for the city’s approach to economic development in three plans being considered at the June 6 Committee of the Whole and the June 7 Common Council.

Alderman Steve Taylor is pushing forward his past failed agenda for a seven-member body, that would including one alderman, which would report to and work more closely with the CDA. Note that Taylor is pushing for businesses to deal more directly with the mayor. Then again, Steve Taylor is always looking for more power for the Mayor, a position he relishes for himself in the near future. Steve Taylor’s plan did not pass during the May 17th CC meeting due to a lack of a second and the wariness of the rest of the council for Taylor to rush his plan through as a frustrated Taylor wanted.

In response to Steve Taylor’s resolution, two members of the EDC – Alderman Steve Olson and resident-appointee and acting chair of the EDC Joe Haselow - drafted a new plan that allows up to 12 members who have “passion” as well as a “profile of relevant skills” who will proactively develop and respond to economic opportunities. Several comments were made at the last council meeting that the Mayor has appointed unqualified members with little passion for the appointed positions on the EDC.

A third economic development resolution, authored by Alderman Doug Schmidt,  was all but dismissed at the May 17th Common Council meeting, also cuts the commission to seven members and consolidates some of the same Steve Taylor elements but does not place it under the CDA.

Be ready for some red faced arguments and a generally fun time at the two meetings on June 6th and June 7th (see Fred Keller’s Food Fight posting). Bring popcorn but please refrain from throwing it at the council.

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Franklin Technology Commission Member Passes Away

I just received notice that one of my fellow Franklin Technology Commission members passed away this past Saturday April 30th. Warren Mittlestadt Sr. passing came unexpectedly at age 64.

The commission group just saw Warren at our last Technology Commission meeting on April 27th. We will all miss his great sense of humor, and his great personality.

Here is his Obituary:


Warren Mittelstadt Sr. - Franklin Technology Commissioner


Warren A. Mittelstadt, Sr., 64, Franklin, formerly of Marshfield, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, April 30, 2011, in Milwaukee. He was born March 27, 1947 in Marshfield, WI, son of the late Wilfred and Janet (Alban) Mittelstadt. He graduated from Marshfield High school, and served his country in the United States Army during the Vietnam War. Warren married Laurie Toonen in Milwaukee. Warren was a Manager of Information Technology at the Parenting Network in Milwaukee. He played in a band his whole life; he really loved music. He had his commercial pilot’s license, and he loved to fly.

He will be deeply missed by his three loving children: Amanda Mittelstadt and her fiancé-Derek Rhodes, De Pere; Warren A. Mittelstadt, Jr., and his son, Landon, De Pere; and Tiffany (David) Cruz, Highland, IL, and their three children: Angela, CeCe, and David, Jr.; special friend, Kathy Ausbrook, Mission Hills, Kansan; one sister, Linda Raymond, Boca Raton, FL, and her two sons, Will and Allan Raymond; and his former wife, Laurie Toonen, De Pere.

Friends may call Thursday, May 5, 2011, from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Cotter Funeral Home, 860 N. Webster Ave., De Pere. Visitation will continue on Friday at the funeral home from 10:00 a.m. until the hour of service at 11:00 a.m. Burial with full military rites will be in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, De Pere. Online condolences may be expressed at www.cotterfuneralhome.com

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