Alderman Taylor’s idea of “Franklin Forward”

Please review the two video samples I have provided for your information that show our two “New Day” aldermen that were both elected three years ago in April 2008 and again in April 2011. Alderwoman Kristen Wilhlem won her election with 71 percent of the vote while Steve Taylor won by a smaller 62 percent. Both you can say won by a solid majority.

During the June, Common Council Meeting of the Whole the future of the Economic Development Commission (EDC) was discussed. The difference is in the attitudes of the two newer aldermen in truly pushing Franklin Forward by economic development.

I have said it before and I will say it again, Alderman Steve Taylor lacks the class and the dignity to be leader in this city. He is vindictive, quick to anger, and has turned on friends and fellow Aldermen including Alderman Wilhelm to get ahead. Not the characterstics of a leader at all.

First here is Alderwoman Wilhelm:

Wilhelm: I have been in this city for 23 years and have volunteered for eight and a half years plus four years as Alderman … What I see is people who want to take too much power rather that working together. There is not a real joint community effort on everything. When I look out at the group that is here tonight (CCD) that try to at least bring something forward … we could’t find a way to accommodate that (referring to the CCD proposal not on appearing on the agenda). Whether it was a good idea or bad idea they certainly are a group of dedicated people…. And I think we should look at all options and to me they just didn’t quite know the process on how to do that… And that is no reflection on you or anyone (talking to CCD members). It’s that these people are new and I think maybe we need some new people…

If we have already had all these people with all these strength on the CDA and the AD-HOC (Mayor’s AD-HOC Committee) maybe things could be getting done BUT….

I am still a little bit besides myself when at the last Ad Hoc, I invited one of the business owners to speak and when he when to speak he was cut off and left the room quite upset.. In a small Ad Hoc committee meeting like that I don’t see some of the formal procedures that need to be quite that strict in a situation like that.

To me that’s not being very friendly and I don’t know how we get beyond that because it seems to be the rut we are stuck in.

It’s the same thing with the planning commission, same thing with… People have input but…

I understand Roberts Rules of Order but.. Alderman coming to a meeting and you won’t allow them to speak. I mean, that’s when the elected officials are supposed to be providing input, they are supposed to be there representing their constituents.

If they come to a meeting and they don’t have time to listen to me, the body doesn’t have time to hear what I have to say … then we don’t even need to have Alderman…

There is a process here that is not working and It goes way deeper that the Economic Development Commission. It goes with Appointments, and Friendships, and Partnerships and POWER instead of Cooperation.

I don’t see this community getting very far unless cooperation happens.

I don’t have any answers on how to fix that. I am just giving you what I have observed after living in this community as long as I have….

And after trying to accomplish something as an Alderman for my district… And what it takes to get the smallest item accomplished in the district.

I can just imagine how business people feel about that.

And then there is Steve Taylor “Moving Franklin Forward”:


Taylor: It sounds like there is a fracture may be part of this council and may be part of this community. I have been told now a couple of times that people are watching and depending on the way it goes, will depend whether people will want to server.

You are absolutely correct, I know that if we keep it the way it is, there are a bunch of quality people that do not want to serve, maybe your one of them (referring to Alderman Olson).

Olson: I am one of them

Taylor: So there is a fraction and that is fine. There is a fraction in this state, this country. So why should Franklin be different than anywhere else. Ad if you think that everybody who serves on a board or commission will get along YOUR CRAZY. If you think everybody on this council will get along on every issue YOUR NUTS.

And there is this belief that we all should just get along, Well that is JUST KIND OF TOUGH because personalities that go so far. Alderman Olson and I DO NOT GET ALONG. This is very public. Now the only time we got along ….

Olson: I hope you are speaking for yourself..

Taylor: Yes…. And the only time we got along was when we went into a fire training course and he had an axe and I had an axe.

Olson: You had an axe behind me, that’s why I got along..

Taylor: (chuckles)

Taylor: So … Would I want to work on a project with him… NO I WOULDN’T. There’s got to be a level of trust and I think theirs that in the city, but some groups don’t trust other groups and that’s always going to be the case. You can take a look at elections over the years, one group has the control, they get voted out, someone else comes in , they get voted out.

What we have here is….. Well actually there is a fourth proposal in the audience and we’re going to ALLOW them to speak tonight so anyone who said they weren’t going to be allowed …. I don’t quite understand that! In regards to aldermen, I‘ve been here three years plus.. I can not recall going to a meeting … when an alderman was not allowed to speak … since I have been here …..

Taylor then turns and looks sarcastically to Alderwoman Wilhelm. “Well that I can recall … and I would be ticked off if I was not allowed to speak. BUT THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME! And the meeting of the Ad hoc committee… I guess I am trying to figure that one out. You got up for 15 minutes to defend the Environmental Commission, I recall Alderman Wilhelm.


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8 Responses to Alderman Taylor’s idea of “Franklin Forward”

  1. Steveo8091 says:

    Alderman Taylor is free to exercise his opinions. I will defend to the death that right. If he has a plan to move Franklin “forward” that has been well thought out I’m ready to listen. I hope that one day the courtesy will be returned.

    I’ve worked for the residents, business owners and taxpayers of this city for 20 years and am proud of my long list of accomplishments.

    I believe that I’ve gone above and beyond to treat everyone (Ald. Taylor included) with the respect that they deserve.

    I’ve said for about 15 years that there needs to be new blood taking over for those of us who have dedicated many, many years to the community. I have and still have hope that citizens with a vision for the future and an eye to the past will come forward with the skills, talents and enthusiasm to continue to develop this community.

    I am afraid, however, that our direction is now tainted in politics. Gone are the days when Aldermen and women of all political persuasions would meet with the dedicated, qualified and active members of commissions to come together to get things done. The Franklin Business Park is prime example of that spirit of cooperation.

    That development, which this year will put about $160,000,000 in non-residential assessed value on the tax rolls was born from the vision and determination of PRIVATE CITIZENS who worked apolitically with ALL the aldermen at the time to get the vision moving.

    What the council has come down to is petty personal attacks that will lead to more of what we have now… stagnation.

    Greg Kowalski’s group has a vision that needs help. I don’t believe the city should fund the project but we should support the effort. His committee’s project will be a wonderful amenity for the city but… their focus and talents are not directly compatible with a focused effort on bringing business to the community. They are focused and should be focused on their project.

    How do I know this? I’ve worked on development for 20 years. There are specific talents that are needed to accomplish the goal of bringing quality non-residential development to the community. These talents are available here in the city but until the politicians recognize the need for the talent and support the effort we will remain as we now are.

    Mired in personal politics.

    “If it’s not my idea I’m not supporting it… if it’s HIS or HER idea I’m not supporting it.”

    BAD personal politics that hurt the taxpayers.

    • Bryan Maersch says:

      Thanks for responding Alderman Olson and adding your perspective. Some of my critics have asked why I have written so many things in opposition to Alderman Taylor. The statements in this posting and the two postings before this show his self centered way of politics. This disgusts me!

      Simply stated, if you don’t agree with Steve Taylor, you become his enemy.

      He has attempted to have his “friends” defuse all criticism of him by masking it with redirection attempts that writers are portraying him as not enought “conservative” or “fiscally responsible”. While there have been instances of bad voting history on budgets and spending that is normally not the case.

      It is simply put when it comes to Alderman Taylors political ego it is either his way or the highway. The fact he has kicked aside, friends, partners, aldermen, and constituents to further his power on the council speaks volumes of his character.

      He expounds on moving Franklin Forward but has the audacity to put it into his perspective of “And there is this belief that we all should just get along, Well that is JUST KIND OF TOUGH because personalities that go so far.”

      Expect to see more of his defenders call this mudslinging and create more personal attacks against me or any other writer who does not side with him. It is what it is, a transparent view of how Alderman Steve Taylor views politics in the City of Franklin, the County, and the State.

      As you called it in a nut shell Alderman Olsen, before Alderman Taylor was reappointed as Common Council President back in April, that Alderman Taylor is really proficient at Political Log Rolling. The fact that you and others have pointed it out makes him soMAD that he has publicly stated after you brought up his political blog on FranklinNOW “Wait until you see the next one. I AM COMING AFTER YOU!” .

      Since Alderman Taylor has proposed a “Editorial Board” for Greg Kowalski’s blog pages I wonder how long will it be before he requests an ordinance prohibiting video recording in the council chambers?

  2. Fred Keller says:


  3. Franklin Fowward says:

    First, I think I read in a couple of management books that effective leaders need to be able to manage and work with a number of different personalities. It is an art to get things accomplished amidst all of the personalities when they do not agree.

    Unfortunately for the City of Franklin, it seems that one of its longest serving residents sounds like he is “giving up” rather than “strapping in”. I question why he only complains of the fact that he see’s stagnation on the council. However, he offers no ideas or commitment to try and work with his fellow council men and women. Furthermore, he offers no specifics on the type of talent and skills needed to develop this city. And then he mentions enthusiasm. Franklin is looking to our LEADERS themselves to show the enthusiasm that we all have for developing our city. My impression is that Alderman Olson gave up on the city when he decided to resign from the EDC as his final answer to to the debate about what direction the EDC should be headed.

    He also talks of politics and personal issues. Mind you, he is on the council. It is Alderman Olson’s job to try and work through these issues with his fellow council members. Case in point: Alderman Taylor brings forth an aggressive idea to retool the EDC and actually bring in new blood. Alderman Olson’s answer is to keep the same EDC structure in place, but give people new titles rather than possibly talk about tweaking Alderman Taylor’s idea to make it better. This reeks of politics, since Olson’s proposal goes against the basic premise he cites above: Olson says, “I’ve said for about 15 years that there needs to be new blood taking over…”

    Finally, Steve Olson chooses to release his above statement on this blog site, which itself is mired in the personal attacks that he complains are stagnating our city. A majority of this blog personally attacks Alderman Taylor, and the author (Maersch) has admitted that his vengeance for Alderman Taylor is based on personal issues rather than actual political issues. These personal issues have caused the author and his crowd (including Alderman Olson) to go against just about everything that Alderman Taylor proposes – even if it is an excellent idea for Franklin.

    Alderman Olson says he is willing to listen to a plan to move Franklin Forward. The question is after 20 years of knowledge and experience in Franklin, what is his plan to move Franklin Forward? (BTW…I am flattered that my screen name has been adopted by critics and supporters as vernacular for an actual tag line for progress in our city :)

    So, as the residents of Franklin try to draw conclusions from this swamp of information, take a minute to connect the dots and determine what is motivated by personal issues and what statements are made only for political imagery rather than political reality, as Alderman Olson has tried to do above.

    After doing all that, ask yourself what you can do personally to help move Franklin Forward?

    And then take action on it!

    • Bryan Maersch says:

      You know the confusing part is that Steve Taylor never responds to defend himself not even on his FranklinNOW blog, he sends someone else with a fake name to do it for him. The extremely strange part, is that you seem to know everything there is to know about him , the things he does and stands for, sort of like a stalker. You just must be his number one fan, right!

      Here I thought you said during Steve’s campaign that Pete Kosovich was the one noted using the term Franklin Forward and it was Steve Taylor who uses Forward Franklin!

      As for my dislike of Steve Taylor, it is because he is a bully, an angry bully, and he will not be able to move Franklin Forward but instead backward to when infighting on the council brought it to the point of recalls and groups of citizens to forming to rid our selves of that kind of politics. As history shows that it repeats it’s self … so it will also be with Steve Taylor and the 4th Aldermanic district.

      You refuse to address, the fact that when Steve Taylor doesn’t like something or someone he just “blows it up”. All the personal email I have gotten on the Steve Taylor video from numerous people is how you can see his anger mount when anyone dares to contradict him. He had “anger management” issues in LaCrosse so he fled back home. People who were his friends on the currently sitting council (Alderwoman Wilhelm), he now smears and is disrespectful to. He even chooses politics over his personal life.

      Simply put this is a sad, person who needs anger counseling as is proven in the two recent video blogs. He blames the Franklin bloggers for everything and never seems to fails to mention them. I have a video with all the references to the bloggers are against him including his victory speech in April. I could see if it was just one blog, that has been critical of him but all of them have including Greg Kowalski’s (which Taylor now holds over Greg for an appointment to the EDC).

      If it was just me, people could say, “Oh it’s just that Maersch” but it’s not just me.

      This is a family community, steeped in tradition with ties to our past something both the Mayor and Alderman Schmidt keep reminding us. To be quite blunt we as a community don’t want a vengeful, arrogant alderman representing us. We have recalled and voted out city politicians for this reason. People will connect the dots and rid ourselves of this pitiful so called politician.

      But as Steve Taylor said to me on his blog,and I will now pass this along to you. Please stay off his blog. Don’t come back here anymore, because you are just as pitiful as Steve Taylor especially since you don’t have the balls to sign your writing with your own name. But that sure seems the M.O. for Steve Taylor and his little group of followers. Attack those that won’t support the Steve Taylor way of politics and don’t use your name.

  4. StevefromMKE says:

    This is a family community, and to be quite blunt we don’t want a vengeful, arrogant alderman representing us.

    So…the entire “community” of Franklin subscribes to your personal predilection? Who are you to say 29,000 people think the same as the same as you..feel the need to be nice and awful sweater wearing as you Bryan? You assume a lot about the voters of Franklin and your ideology purity test also shows that you and KFisch feel the need to jettison anyone you personally don’t like. Is that how things work in your world? One of your children is performing to your ridiculous standards and you throw them under the bus?

    And digging up dirt and smearing a sitting Alderman with vengeful and arrogant things that have nothing to do with his current job and what he’s doing now…is that something a “family community” wants too Bryan?

    • Bryan Maersch says:

      To answer your question Steve from MKE:

      Yes, I have lived in Franklin the past 22 years. I have been an observer of Franklin politics the past 22 years. In those 22 years, as Steve Taylor said, Politicians have come and gone. Vengeful, arrogant aldermen representing us in the past have been removed by the community. We may be conservative but we don’t tolerate the way Steve Taylor treats his fellow sitting council members or the community members that don’t agree with him.

      If you are comparing Steve Taylor to a child, I can totally agree with you, he has temper tantrums when he does not get his way. Yes as a parent, I would put my child in a time out if they act that way. As for throwing people under the bus, you are right, Steve Taylor has done a good job of that.

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