UPDATE: Kowalski Apologizes – Common Council moves to Private / Public EDC

It was no surprise that after Greg Kowalski – President of the Citizens for Community Development (CCD) apologized publicly in his Franklin Today blog  to Alderman Steve Taylor saying ” I hope my readers know me well enough by now to understand that my personal passion for helping our community move forward easily could trump writing this blog. If the blog became something that didn’t serve a justice to the city and its residents, it should be shut down. I told CCP Taylor that what he had to say was fair and I fully understood and appreciated his remarks.”  Kowalski then went on to say ” I did, in a nutshell, read “in-between the lines” with CCP Taylor’s remarks to me, which wasn’t appropriate on my part, and I have already personally apologized to CCP Taylor for doing so.”

Lastly Greg states “For the record, I do not fear my 1st Amendment rights will be trampled in any way, shape or form (referring to Taylor’s city editorial review). I believe it was simply CCP Taylor giving a friendly reminder that people are reading and watching, and some might take things a bit too seriously and offensively than others. CCP Taylor did not at all recommend Franklin Today being shut down, noting how the site is basically the new cord that connects the community together, and how that would be a shame if it were to be eliminated.”

Greg did not mention the fact that Alderman Steve Taylor has a politically charged blog on FranklinNOW which his topics often cause the city to be looked at in a unfavorable light.

So now as of last night it looks like Greg is getting his wish as the Common Council looks to be going forward with a combined private / public Economic Development Commission.  In turn last night, Alderman Steve Olson stated for the record, he no longer is a part of the Economic Development Commission. I have been told that Commissioner Joe Haselow will most likely resign today also.

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5 Responses to UPDATE: Kowalski Apologizes – Common Council moves to Private / Public EDC

  1. Bryan Maersch says:

    I am unable to confirm the email address supplied by a person who says he is “Franklin Forward”. I am doing further investigation as to see if this person is who he claims to be. He has posted malicious information on other websites including Alderman Steve Taylor’s FranklinNOW blog, and Greg Kowalski’s Franklin Today. Currently the e-mail he uses does not exist.

    UPDATE: If FranklinNOW and Franklin Today have confirmed this email address, I have released it from moderation.

    One last thing, Franklin Forward. If you want to quantify the benefit that Alderman Olson has provided VS Steve Taylor. Taylor will have to be in this city a lot longer time to catch up. His Dog Ordinance, Tornado Sirens and Mayor’s Ad Hoc committee (that has yet to come up with squat) are no political resume’ compared to Olson or others that actually have done something for this city including a soon to be Early paid off TIFF.

  2. Old Hand says:

    I need someone to explain to me what Greg Kowalski did that deserves an apology from him. He apparently brought a proposal to the common council that made Steve Taylor tell him he needed to censor if he was going to be on the EDC. So did Greg apologize for bringing the proposal forward; or did he apologize for caving; or did he apologize for caving too quickly?

    It seems to me that Taylor is the one who needs to apologize to a whole lot of people. The guy acts like a two year old.

    • Bryan Maersch says:

      Darn good question Old Hand. Why did Greg Kowalski appoligize to Steve Taylor? I believe in Greg’s words because he “read “in-between the lines” with CCP Taylor’s remarks to me, which wasn’t appropriate on my part.”

  3. StevefromMKE says:

    Keep digging Bryan…be the mudslinger..why don’t you find out who Frank Taxpayer is while you’re at it?

    • Bryan Maersch says:

      Frank Taxpayer has never been here but Franklin Forward has the same IP address as a certain sophomoric alderman. Say you wouldn’t be that friend of Steve’s that we saw in Fred Keller’s video on election night this is named Steve also would you?

      Mudslinging? Steve Taylor keeps on vomiting stupid things out of his mouth, it is just worth it’s weight in gold. As he is a proponent of transparency, I am sure he appreciates having his words immortalized. I heard he even keeps, a book of all the things that are written about him. Maybe now he has a DVD collection too.

      Thanks for your comment Steve and keep reading, I know Steve Taylor does!

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