Does This Surprise Anyone?

Fact: Steve Taylor from his Campaign Web Site says ” I worked to make the Rock Sports Complex a reality”

Fact:  Mayor Tom Taylor, a vocal advocate for the stadium, proposed the creation of a task force to help with the development process of the stadium. Aldermen Mayer, Mark Dandrea and Steve Taylor were enlisted for the Rock Professional Baseball Stadium Development Proposal Franklin Task Force, as well as other city officials. – FranklinNOW February 5, 2014

Fact:  Milwaukee County Supervisor Steve Taylor was asked to intervene in the disagreement between the operator and Greendale.

“How anybody could be against this type of development compared to a landfill and a dumping ground is really shocking to me,” said Supervisor Taylor.

The Rocks operator has put about ten million dollars into the complex, and others hope to continue enjoying it. – Todays TMJ4 – October 5, 2013

Fact:  As a reward for his unbiased help and any unbiased help he can give as Mayor, County Supervisor or Alderman in Franklin in the future, employees from The Rock have contributed $2,450 to his campaign Read about it in Kevin Fischer’s – This Just In….

Pay to Play Baseball?

Pay to Play Baseball?

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4 Responses to Does This Surprise Anyone?

  1. Kevin Fischer says:

    My goodness, Bryan. If you don’t like it here, why don’t you in the words of Steve Taylor just move the hell out of Franklin!

    • WAG THE DOG says:

      Yes well Kevin, I know that you are, just like I am, looking forward to seeing 1) Steve Olson become Franklin Mayor 2) Janet Evans become 4th District Alderwoman and 3) Milwaukee County Supervisors pay cut in half with the binding referendum tomorrow night when the ballots are counted in Franklin. As a 25 year resident of Franklin, I have seen political hacks come and go. With one ballot on April 1st, intelligent Franklin voters are going to do it again with AlderVisor Steve Taylor. Maybe this will finally get Steve Taylor out of Franklin for good. But of course, if not, I heard there are several openings at the USED CAR dealerships on 27th street!

  2. Scott A. Thinnes says:

    Steve Taylor certainly did his part in securing an agreement which has The Rock paying $25,000 per year rent and a percentage of revenue to Milwaukee County. The question is: Where was he when it came to looking out for the interests of Franklin Taxpayers? Franklin revenue is derived in most part from PROPERTY TAX collections, of which The Rock pays none because of the lands tax exempt status. At the current city tax mil rate ($6.29) and the parcel’s improvement value of $10 million, that is lost revenue to Franklin of $62,900.00. Of course, Franklin is the entity that is responsible for providing the municipal services to that parcel and can do so thanks to ALL OF THE OTHER PROPERTY TAXPAYERS in the city. Now The Rock wants those taxpayers to carry the load of finance costs for their stadium project.

    To be fair, the real question that Franklin Taxpayers need to ask is: Are ANY of the elected officials at city hall looking out for your interests?? None of them at the time, or since have raised the issue publicly of initiating a Payment In Lieu Of Taxes (PILOT) agreement with The Rock.

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