UPDATE: Ken Skowronski Rejected by His Own Aldermanic Constituents in 82nd District Assembly Bid

Ad in FranklinNOWnewspaper paid for by Ken Skowronski's constituents.

Ad in FranklinNOW newspaper paid for by Ken Skowronski’s constituents.

In an unprecedented move by people who are not 6th District Franklin Alderman’s political advisories, but instead are Ken Skowronski’s own Franklin 6th District Aldermanic constituents are voicing their disapproval of him representing the Franklin area and parts of Greendale in the State Assembly.  Skowronski is running using his 3 term Aldermanic experience as a reason to vote for him in the upcoming Republican primary and eventual bipartisan election.

Using their own money this group of Franklin citizens are publicly questioning  Alderman Ken Skowronski’s integrity and lack of keeping them informed on 6th district matters which effected their property taxes.

From what I have heard from several Franklin political insiders the ad is based on Skowronski’s votes and allegations of his back door dealings on the Ryan Creek interceptor project, which he pushed for side by side with Mayor Taylor over his constituents objections. He was at the Mayor’s side for Milwaukee County hearings on the project along with the OMaley Development group who has interests in his district’s land. Hense the ad’s allegations that he is a “Yes guy to those who fund his campaigns” turning his deaf ear to his very own constituents.

Speaking of campaigns, Skowronski has run unopposed last two out of three elections for his Alderman’s seat but still collected a war chest of financing from local business leaders which he now brings to the table for this campaign. Neither of his opponents has the financial backing that Skowronski has and which is obvious by his large (read expensive) signs seen at major business’. You may want to watch folks where these are placed and look to see who are his BIG SIGN supporters are, this may also give you an idea who he owes.

Last, the allegation of the 10% increase in property taxes is based on the rural nature of most of the properties in the 6th District. These folks have wells and septic systems which will not likely ever be connected to the Ryan Creek interceptor. Yet, these folks were “Forced” to be included in the MMSD property tax yearly charges as part of the back room dealings the residents are accusing Ken Skowronski and Mayor Tom Taylor of.

Residents allege were not told of these additional charges they would be taxed for on a system they will never use until it was too late for them to do anything about it.  Their plight was even taken up by a Milwaukee County Supervisor from West Allis, who challenged Mayor Taylor, Alderman Skowronski but by then the deal had already been struck with the powerful MMSD screwing over the residents of Skowronski’s district.

However, OMalley and other developers have had and do have plans for development of this land and the sewer makes that land more valuable when they move to develop it. They will benefit by Mayor Taylors and Ken Skowronski’s efforts.

Mayor Tom Taylor is now retiring as of April which would leave Ken Skowronski a political outsider on the Common Council. One Franklin alderman once told me that Ken had his head so far up the Mayors back-end that one could not tell one from the other. It now seems like a good time for Kenny to move on.

Looks like Ken Skowronski’s allegiance to Tom Taylors political antics have left him in the dog house with his own constituents and others.

 UPDATE: Following the Money Trail

Despite all the Republican candidates not starting their campaign filings with any money, Skowronski raised $35,775 for all activity leading up to November 4th. Stephanie Mares (R-Greendale) raised $10,407.72 while Shari Hanneman (R-Franklin) only raised $2.287.75.

82nd Assembly District

Candidate Previous Balance Contributions Raised Expenditures Cash on Hand Reported Debt
Ken Skowronski $0.00 $35,775.00 $4,000.21 $31,774.79 $34,000
Shari Hanneman $0.00 $2,287.75 $2,238.93 $48.82 $500.00
Stephanie Mares $0.00 $10,407.72 $4,285.72 $6,122.00 $9,257.72

On money spent, Stephanie Mares spent the most money out of the three Republican candidates with $4,285.72 in expenditures. Ken Skowronski spent over $4,000 during the pre-primary reporting period while Shari Hanneman spent $2,238.93.

Skowronski led all candidates with $31,774.79 on hand during the pre-primary reporting period . Stephanie mares has $6,122 on hand, while Shari Hanneman is nearly out of money with only $48.82 on hand.

All three GOP candidates have reported debts during the pre-primary reporting period. Ken Skowronski leads all candidates with $34,000 of reported debts while Stephanie mares has $9,257.72 in debts along with Shari Hanneman having $500.


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5 Responses to UPDATE: Ken Skowronski Rejected by His Own Aldermanic Constituents in 82nd District Assembly Bid

  1. Bob says:

    The $34,000 is how much he either loaned his campaign himself, or a loan he took out for the campaign. He only raised $1775.

  2. Dan Wood says:

    Ken Skowronski wins by a landslide!! Wisconsin Democratic party strangely silent . . . .

    • WAG THE DOG says:

      Yes Dan but Republicans aren’t. To quote Kevin Fischer who has often filled in for Belling:

      But at the same time conservative voters feel Skowronski isn’t strong enough. One told me flat out, “I don’t want Ken Skowronski representing me in Madison.”

      I have concerns about Skowronski’s lackluster performance as alderman. The rare time I witnessed him show any passion was when he got angry because alderman Steve Olson was absent from a meeting and didn’t tell him where he was.

      Skowronski has voted for tax and spending increases in previous city budgets and has offered few if any plans to decrease either.

      The choice between Skowronski and Hermes is a conundrum with some voters telling me they simply may sit this one out rather than go to the polls and hold their noses. I admit I’m in that same boat.

      Why stay home when I’ve never missed an Election Day in my life? That’s simple. My vote is precious to me. I don’t just toss it out blithely. A candidate has to earn my vote and the two facing off on Tuesday haven’t done that.

  3. Dan Wood says:

    I noticed that the website for these supposed “citizens” was strangely blurred out in the photograph. Photoshop? I would like to check out these “citizens” and their motivation. . . .

    • WAG THE DOG says:

      Dan – They are a registered LOCAL political action group. What does this mean to you. A simple email to the state election board to request their application and “get to the bottom of these folks”. Just asking around I found that they are .. Not Democrats, Not Republicans but a group of Kenny Skowronski’s “actual” constituents that believe that he failed them. When it came down to it, Kenny “Tom Taylor’s boy” refused to do what was best for them compared to what was best for “friends of Mayor Taylor”. That is why they did not what Skowronski to represent them in Madison!

      PS.. As to your paranoia about photoshopping of the actual paid ad. Sorry.. I do not subscribe to the FranklinNOW anymore so it is a picture of a photocopy from someone who still does. Not a NSA cover up!

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