UPDATE: Jeff Traylor FPS Board Member making Accusations that his FACEBOOK Page was Hacked! – Was he Ashamed of what he said?


Hacked is defined as unauthorized access to computers and computer networks. A hacked account is one that illegal software is ingested on the users computer giving access to another user to control their account.

As an update to yesterday’s posting Former School Board Vice-President Calls Franklin Bloggers Cyber Bully’s – Especially Current Board President Janet Evans!  on WAG The DOG is now being accused by FPS Board Member Jeff Traylor of “hacking” his FACEBOOK account.

If technology challenged Traylor had not been napping during one of the boards presentations on Keeping your Children Safe on the Internet, he would know that FACEBOOK is an open source web page. Anyone who has access to FACEBOOK can read Jeff Traylors page along with the responding comments his “friends” make on his original posting unless he has the grey matter to secure it. So in reality, he as a  Franklin Public School Board Member is posting negative things about another board member which makes it an issue for the Board of Education ethics and policy rules. If he continues with this behavior, it is a real possibility that he could face a censure by the Board of Education.

As for the weak apology Jay Weber made this morning on his show, he basically said he did not want to get involved in Franklin Politics as Trayler in a phone call to Weber insisted he has actually a fiscally responsible member and has been integral in cutting the Franklin Public School System budget. Traylor is taking credit for the reduction in budget for the 2011 -2012 school year.  In addition he claims to support Scott Walker and is a fiscal conservative. My comment to that is, if Jeff Traylor does not want to be perceived as a tax and spend liberal, why did he support both WEAC endorsed liberal candidates Don Petre and John Paul Thompson?  Why didn’t he support a KNOWN fiscal conservative like Janet Evans? Why did he vote for School District tax increases in 4 out of 5 of his years on the board?

These will be questions he will face from voters if he seeks re-election next April!



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