The Inevitable School Building Referendum

One of the main reasons I  attended the Franklin Public Schools – Board of Education meeting on November 30th was to listen to the report by the architects that the school system chose to move along building plans for FPS. I had intented to complete this earlier but with pne kid in college and the other in High School, the holidays, ect., it just had to wait until now.

The speaker was Kitt Dailey, Public Information Specialist for Eppstein Uhen, one of  Milwaukee’s largest architectural firms. According to Kitt, her firm is very experienced at working with school systems and the referendums required to get schools built.

I found it fascinating that Eppstein Uhen will be providing not only the architectural plans, but costs and materials for the Franklin Public School district to push forward a plan for a building referendum. They will be working with the district to present plans, set up community meetings until the School Board members feel they have a proposal that could be presented to the electorate for a referendum as soon as the November Presidential elections.

Kitt presented a time line goal as follows:

  • February – March 2012 – Get community feedback via two public meetings held at the Middle School and the High School. These would be similar to those held last year where those in attendance would go table to table and express their view.
  • April 2012 – Would bring us another community survey which would present the options being considered and they could gather more specific feedback on those options.
  • By June 2012 – The board would possibly have a better sense of what the community wants and determine whether a November 2012 referendum should move forward.

Kitt further expanded on the plan that if the Board feels in June that the community is NOT ready for a referendum then they would go back to adjust and refine their plan.

Ms.  Dailey said and I quote ” Be Prepared for what you hear and respond to it accordingly.”

Here is the three part video of that presentation.


Part 2

Part 3


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