As Predicted

Even the Mayor had to step in to break up the fight that you will hear this at the end of the sound clip. You may have to turn up your volume as their are issues with the audio from the City of Franklin’s Website. Alderman Steve Taylor and his anger manangement issues are the highlight of Franklin politics again. The Common Council spent almost a half hour arguing about the how, what and who is excused from a Common Council meeting and then tabled it. This is the THIRD time they have spent time over this subject. They are almost as disfunctional as the President of Franklin Public School Board.


Contact Mayor Taylor and tell him that “Yes you as a tax payer do not tollerate this kind of behavior from our Council President”.

His email address is: [email protected] 


call him and leave a message at: 427-7529.


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2 Responses to As Predicted

  1. Fred Keller says:

    This Council and Mayor ought to worry more about the absence of economic growth in this City, rather than whether an alderman is”officially” absent or present–what a how ridiculous waste of time. Alderman Taylor’s public tirades carry little or no influence with Olson’s constituents; but they just may with his own.

    Alderman Steve Taylor needs to reset his priorities and try to set aside his personal animosity and differences with Alderman Olson and those who disagree with him and get to work for the People of Franklin, especially his constituents.

    • Bryan Maersch says:

      To be quite honest Fred, I believe Steve Taylor is more interested in running for County Supervisor next April. He has been making it well known around city hall that he plans on running against Paul Cesarz seat, at least that is what I heard from those that know him. I believe he is quite tired of selling insurance and needs a job in government that is full time.

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