Why Can’t Franklin Be More Like Oak Creek?

I don’t know about you but I am really getting tired of hearing, “Why Can’t Franklin be more like Oak Creek”. So after I read this, I have to say “Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

The Latest from FranklinNOW on Oak Creek’s 2015 City Budget:

Oak Creek




Now lets look at that terrible old Franklin Common Council with that Mayor Olson and his band of dysfunctional Aldermen:





Now how about those Clowns on the Franklin Public School Board:





I don’t know about you but I think we all should move to Oak Creek before this happens:



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UPDATED: Alderwoman Wilhelm, Would You Like Cheese with That Whine? or Politics 101 – Political Karma is a Bitch!

The Tuesday September 9th, Common Council meeting should have been a sleeper considering that Mayor Steve Olson was out-of-town and left Alderwoman Wilhelm in charge of running the meeting. But given that it was Kristen Wilhelm in charge, things did not play out how the Alderwoman had planned. First off, the woman who Wilhelm had placed in nomination for the Quarry Monitoring Committee who not only showed up for the meeting but also spoke at during “citizens comment” did not get approved. Before what normally is an open and shut vote to approve Alderwoman Wilhelm’s nominee, Alderwoman Janet Evans requested discussion of the nominee. Here is what she said:

“I was given a.. In my mailbox, I was given a handout that came from two people, one that was from Ms. Erickson…I am assuming it was out from her because her name was on it. It was in favor.. It asked people to vote a certain way for the quarry monitoring. I think if you are going to be on the quarry monitoring committee, you should go on the committee unbiased, and I just wanted to let the council know that this was handed out.”

In response to Alderwoman Evans discussion points Alderwoman Wilhelm replied back:

“I think that Jill (Erickson) has offered a lot of feedback, it’s been very helpful, she has been working diligently on the quarry monitoring form, she seems extremely well qualified. And she is MY APPOINTMENT, and I speak on her behalf and I would like your support.”

With that, there was no further discussion, as Alderwoman Wilhelm calls for a vote. Alderwoman Evans immediately votes NO and an individual vote is called by Alderwoman Wilhelm.  The results is three in favor and one against, the nomination is rejected. For a commission or committee appointment to be approved there MUST BE at least for votes in favor, so Jill Erickson can not be nominated again for that position for one full year. Alderwoman Wilhelm then whines:

It’s not an easy situation to try to find a person to fill that position, especially someone who is qualified as she was but I guess we will continue.

This begs the questions:

  • Why did Alderwoman Wilhelm appoint a 5th district citizen as she is Alderwoman of the 3rd District? No one in her district was willing??
  • Why was her nominee doing work on a committee that she was not yet a part of?
  • Ms.Erickson’s credentials include Freelance instructor, editor, and writer along with Studio jewelry artist. She also lists that she was Associate Editor, of the Art Jewelry magazine. I wonder if the alderman could not quite figure out which of these qualifications stood out as a Quarry Monitoring Committee member, do you?Jill Erickson
  • Why did Alderwoman Wilhelm vote against two commission nominations in April, one that was an appointment by the Mayor and the other from Alderwoman Evans if it is so hard to get qualified people on these commissions? Both nominees in April were well qualified.

Alderwoman Wilhelm, is not a woman who will let a dead dog lay and had to include a last whining lament during a vote on the Quarry Committee recommendations:

“Jill …. The person that I HAD WANTED to put on the quarry committee.. Who has left, probably out of frustration for the efforts she has put in … Had already put together some suggestions because she had talked to the Mayor and myself after the planning commission meeting and she agreed to do that and she had put in some very good suggestions in there, like links to weather pages and that….. “

Had Steve Taylor still been on the council this is where he would have interjected one of his famous eye rolls when Alderwoman Wilhelm made these whiney comments when he was Council President! Needless to say, other issues about the quarry did not go how the Alderwoman from the 3rd district wanted them to go !! UPDATE 9/23/2014: Ms. Erickson sounds much like her mentor Kristen Wilhelm. What many people thought as she went storming out for a second time after chastising Alderwoman Evans for not voting for her. One could say that Alderwoman Evens at least has the intestinal fortitude to state her reason why she could not vote for Ms. Erickson. Unlike Alderwoman Wilhelm and several other on the Council who have chosen to vote down Citizen Volunteers without giving them an explanation why or even a firm vote against. Instead they vote abstain which is a chicken shit way around a definitive vote.

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This Forward Thinking is Why Steve Olson Has Been Elected Mayor

Before the mud slinging of his opponent, before the rhetoric from his opponent, came this email to Franklin’s Mayor Tom Taylor and the  Common Council from then former Alderman Steve Olson and soon to be Mayor Steve Olson.

Mayor Steve Olson has been and I believe will be a major driving force in intelligent, well though out development in Franklin.  He will choose the right path, the best path for development to flourish in Franklin. Something we have not seen in a long time, especially with the Franklin Forward (backwards) Committee spearheaded by Mayor Olson’s opponent.


From: Steve Olson
Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2013 8:36 PM
To: ‘Alderman'; ‘Tom Taylor’
Cc: Mark Luberda; Jesse Wesolowski; Joel Dietl
Subject: 70/30 goal.

Dear Mayor, Aldermen and staff:

Please accept the comments below with all due respect.

I’m listening to the 70/30 goal discussion and have a few points:

First, I chaired the committee that came up with the goal.  It was comprised of members of the Economic Development Commission, the Community Development Authority, Common Council, the Plan Commission, the Franklin School Board, a couple of developers and other interested parties.  The goal was not determined in a hap hazard manner but came after many, many discussions, arguments, meetings and frank conversations.  That goal resulted in the basis for the first city wide economic development plan ever done in the United States called the Ticknor report and was followed by the implementation plan for 5 areas called “Franklin First.”

  • This goal is ONLY related to total ASSESSED VALUE of the community NOT tax rate or taxing districts.  So any conversation regarding the different school district is not appropriate based on history.
  • The ratio defines the 70% as properties who have RESIDENTS.  That includes single family, multi-family, condominium and apartments.  Apartments are assessed as commercial and those were backed out and put into the residential numbers.
  • Those on the committee always recognized and stated their responsibility to the CITY and not to individual taxing entities.
  • The committee (Economic Development Strategic Plan Steering Committee) was unique in that there was no “politics” involved.  There weren’t “turf wars.”  They recognized that business will go to the areas that will make them successful.  You can’t build an office or office park in the middle of a residential area.  You can’t attract retail to a corn field.  You can’t tell Northwestern Mutual to not develop on 27th Street but to the corner of Hwy. 100 and Loomis.  That kind of comment is great politics but is wholly unrealistic.  It just can’t and doesn’t work.
  • The committee recognized that we needed to provide proper zoning to make it easier to move a commercial/industrial business to Franklin (including retail) but that the zoning couldn’t be done in a vacuum.
  • The committee recognized that zoning must be based on the strong likelihood that a business that we wanted to attract to the area would be likely to WANT to be located in that physical area.  That’s a major reason why the Ticknor report focused so heavily on market research.  Again, you can’t put a business park in the middle of a residential area or a retail center in a corn field.  The Ticknor report places a heavy emphasis on TRANSPORTATION needs of the various types of companies that we indicated our desire to attract.  That’s why you don’t see a recommendation for a business or industrial park on the north and west side of the city.  That’s why “Area D” in the report was the designated “next business park.”  Instant access to I-94 was to be a huge selling factor.
  • Impact fees did not factor into the ratio due to the fact that they are not part of the assessment value but are specific to defraying cost of the development on the operating budgets of the city.
  • It’s ALWAYS about maximizing the taxable value of the commercial and industrial development in an effort to reduce the tax burden of the residential taxpayers.
  • The discussions always came back to the then current makeup of the city as in where people lived, where the businesses were located currently, where we were getting developer interest over laid on what the group wanted the city to look like in 2020 or 2025.
  • The committee relied on our own points of view and the survey done by Hughes, Ruch and Murphy regarding the desires of the community regarding development and quality of life issues.  This is the study that reinforced the desire for a TARGET STORE and the basis for the controversial votes made for the Shoppes at Wyndham Village in the early 2000’s.
  • The goal attainment will be in flux.  Some years commercial/industrial will outpace residential, most years will see residential outpace commercial/industrial and therefore, achieving the goal changes year to year until the city is built out.
  • Because the goal would be a moving target year over year, the committee recognized that protecting commercial/industrial lands with appropriate zoning was key to meeting the goal.  We can see the impact on this with the residential development near Wheaton Franciscan (Area D) and the Stonehenge development (Area A).  Taking zoned industrial/commercial land and making it residential has a doubling effect that adversely impacts attainment of the goal.
  • The focus of the economic development activities up until about 2000 was always to attract industrial/commercial tax base NOT to fill retail space.  If there are empty buildings that we WANT to fill, they’re still being levied taxes and focusing on that effort would dilute the effort.  The effort was then to continue to attract NEW tax base.  Filling an empty space was a by-product of the effort not the goal.
  • The goal was derived after significant and laborious review of a ton of documents that included the Comprehensive Master Plan, zoning maps (that’s where the 11 then 7 areas studied by Ticknor came from), assessment rolls, utility maps, SEWRPC maps and documents, DOT long range plans, school district planning documents, zoning maps from our neighboring communities, historic development (commercial/industrial and all forms of residential) trends in the city and many, many other documents and interviews that were in effect at the time (1997 through 2000).
  • It was often discussed and always recognized that this was going to be a long, long term project.
  • Many involved discussed whether the decision makers would resist “we’ll take anything that comes along to meet the goal or whether they would look to “quality” and “enhanced quality of work and residential life” in making approval decisions.
  • Then Economic Development Director Stan Kosmatka and I spent many, many days interviewing development officials from other communities about their methods, organization, duties.

There is no history left on the Common Council (it’s natural) or on any of the involved boards, commissions or authorities thus this e-mail.

It’s always been a CITY goal, not a taxing entity goal.  It’s always been about gross ASSESSED VALUE of the city, not school districts.


I’ll end this e-mail with another thought.  Once a parcel is developed it will remain that way for our lifetime and probably the lifetime of the next generation.  Decisions need to be made for the long term.

Thank you for the time.

Steve Olson

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Preliminary Election Night Results – Steve Taylor Loses BIG

One Picture is worth a thousand words, OK  maybe two pictures!

Triple Loss for Steve Taylor
Triple Loss for Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor finds out the results of the April 1st Election.Ilost

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Does This Surprise Anyone?

Fact: Steve Taylor from his Campaign Web Site says ” I worked to make the Rock Sports Complex a reality”

Fact:  Mayor Tom Taylor, a vocal advocate for the stadium, proposed the creation of a task force to help with the development process of the stadium. Aldermen Mayer, Mark Dandrea and Steve Taylor were enlisted for the Rock Professional Baseball Stadium Development Proposal Franklin Task Force, as well as other city officials. – FranklinNOW February 5, 2014

Fact:  Milwaukee County Supervisor Steve Taylor was asked to intervene in the disagreement between the operator and Greendale.

“How anybody could be against this type of development compared to a landfill and a dumping ground is really shocking to me,” said Supervisor Taylor.

The Rocks operator has put about ten million dollars into the complex, and others hope to continue enjoying it. - Todays TMJ4 – October 5, 2013

Fact:  As a reward for his unbiased help and any unbiased help he can give as Mayor, County Supervisor or Alderman in Franklin in the future, employees from The Rock have contributed $2,450 to his campaign Read about it in Kevin Fischer’s – This Just In….

Pay to Play Baseball?

Pay to Play Baseball?

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Vote Yes – Pay Milwaukee County Supervisors What they are worth….

……. a Part time salary.

On Tuesday, April 1st, Franklin voters and all Milwaukee County voters will see a referendum on the ballot that has been controversial for years. This time, a yes vote for the referendum is binding — meaning the decision voters make is final.

Franklin, Oak Creek and Hales Corners current County Supervisor , Steven F Taylor is a prime example of how our County Supervisors are currently overpaid. He holds both a position of Franklin’s 4th District Alderman and County Supervisor, pulling a salary for both positions. Currently he is running for both Mayor and Alderman planning on holding both his county job and one in Franklin if elected. Taylor campaigned that his predecessor, held a full time job and County Supervisor while he did little to respond to constituents needs.  Taylor has not done much better and in fact has been alienated by the County Board Chairwoman and many of his fellow Supervisors due to his political shenanigans which has caused a bad County Board attitude toward Franklin.



“Shall that portion of 2013 Act 14 which limits the compensation of members of the board of supervisors of Milwaukee County other than the chairperson of the board and chairperson of the finance committee to receipt of an annual salary of not more than the annual per capita income of this county, which in 2012 was $24,051 and which limits the compensation of the chairperson of the board not to be more than 150 percent of that amount and the chairperson of the finance committee to not more than 125 percent of that amount, subject to limitations and adjustments specified authorized or required by law become effective in this county on April 18, 2016?”

State Representative Joe Sanfelippo is a state lawmaker involved in cutting the County Board’s budget to pay themselves. Sanfelippo is a former Milwaukee County Supervisor and knows what the time the job actually takes.  Sanfelippo says “This position of a County Board Supervisor definitely is not enough for a full-time job. Granted, from district-to-district it may vary a little bit, but by doing the job myself I can tell you it’s not a full-time position,”

Further Sanfelippo  projects that the part-time board would meet at night which would  opening the job up to professional who work other jobs during the day.


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The King of Rhetoric Steve Taylor or (The Pot calling the Kettle Black Syndrome)

AlderVisor Steve Taylors legacy on the Franklin Common Council is for higher taxes (he has been a member of the Finance Committee most of his council years) especially in years which Franklin taxpayers could have used a break because of the economy. But many of his fellow Republicans see  Steve Taylor as one of those Republicans In Name Only because of his history of spending while on Franklin’s common council. Taylors behavior leans much more like the Democrats he claims to have disdain for, pointing fingers at others for his bad choices rather than himself. He even chose to cozy up to the extremely liberal Wisconsin Senator Chris Larson when he saw his full time County Supervisor position challenged by the State government.

Here is a posting on AlderVisor Taylor’s Facebook site where he claims his opponent Steve Olson is just full of Rhetoric when it comes to cutting taxes. He questions Olson’s part in the development of 27th street by big names such as Northwestern Mutual and Wheaton Franciscan Hospital while touting his part in development in Franklin which is in fact nil. Aldervisor  Taylor is best know for the two ordinances that he wrote in his two terms on the Council. One for Dogs on leashes and the other for boarding up houses from foreclosures which  his votes to increase Franklin Property taxes helped move along.  While Steve Olson in fact was not only critical in the development of our Sexual Prediter Ordinance but has been sought out by other communities to develop similar ordinances.


Steve Taylor for Mayor on Facebook

Steve Taylor for Mayor on Facebook

Steve Taylor however has not  shown any effort to cut tax budgets even when we were in the worst years of our economy. Taylor (as you will see in the video below) actually calls angry constituents a bunch of  non-voting, non-vocal taxpayers who are nothing but couch potatoes too busy at watching the NCAA finals. Taylor  even attempted to add back in items the Mayor had cut from the Finance Committees proposed budget to the Mayor.


But Alderman Steve Olson, the current front running candidate for Mayor, (who garnered 47% of the vote in the primary compared to Taylors 30%)  has a history of trying to make cuts in the budget to make it easier for Franklin Taxpayers to weather the economic storm.  Something Steve Taylor just does not fathom.

In the video below from the 2010 Budget hearings Alderman Olson explains why he introduced 6 resolutions in an attempt to reduce the budget (that my friends is not just voting NO like Aldervisor Taylor states, but is actually doing his job for his constituents).

Olson voices his disapointment, for the lack of effort on the part of his fellow Aldermen when it comes to making an effort to reduce spending. Not to mention how residents have all but given up on their elected officials to use common sense after they should have gotten the message from voters in November that “They are mad as hell and are not going to take it any more!”


Below are the Franklin Common Council minutes of past years budgets, that show Alderman Steve Olson  attempted to pass resolutions to the City Budget to cut spending while you get nothing but RHETORIC from AlderVisor Steve Taylor who instead attempts to raise them.

For the Record

With Aldervisor Taylors myth being busted, that leaves us with only one choice.

Voting for Steve Olson for our Mayor on April 1st.

We have the power to finally rid ourselves of this pathetic “Career Politician” who plans on using the position of Mayor of Franklin as a stepping stone to a political career in the Wisconsin State Capitol.

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Where’s the Press? – Steve Taylor seeks it Out Except IF it Puts HIM in a bad light!

Multiple times in the past AlderVisor Steve Taylor has complained that no one covers him from the press until recently when the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writer Dan Bice did a little digging into the AlderVisors past. Then all hell breaks loose and the AlderVisor turns to his opponents and calls it a smear campaign.

In this clip, we see him blame residents of Franklin who have are tired of him continually voting property tax increases until he decides to run for Mayor. He laments that none of the press is there to listen to how things are not so bad with Franklin’s taxes. His solution, if you want to complain, THEN JUST GET THE HELL OUT OF FRANKLIN. Wow, is this really the kind of guy I want for Mayor of Franklin …. NOT!   Now remember, Steve Taylor has been on the Finance Committee for both his terms as Alderman.

In this clip, we see him complain that the Press is not covering a local candidate forum when he decides to run for County Supervisor. He shows up a half hour late and expects the MEDIA to be there to fawn over his every word but it doesn’t happen so he goes off on a tirade!

OK Mr. AlderVisor who wants to be MayorDerVisor Steve Taylor here is a few of  your press clips from professionals:

  • Franklin mayor candidate says he was ‘railroaded’ in obstruction, harassment cases – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – February 14, 2014
  • Milwaukee County Board chairwoman demotes 3 who opposed her  “Mark Borkowski, Deanna Alexander and Steve F. Taylor — were all hit with demotions or reduced duties on the County Board.” – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – June 1, 2013
  • Steve Taylor to be recalled? – FranklinNOW – April 27, 2013
  • County Board starting to turn on Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic“First, I think Bice was charitable when he said Steve Taylor was a conservative.  Radio talk host Mark Belling has been spot on calling Taylor a phony and a fraud.  The nickname Belling gave Taylor, “Slippery Steve” just may stick to him in a likely recall election.  Taylor epitomizes the biblical phrase “being all things to all people.”  When it’s time to be a liberal, he follows around Democratic Senate leader Chris Larson like the annoying Chester & Spike from the Loony Tunes cartoon made famous by Warner Brothers. When Taylor had an opportunity to demonstrate his conservatism, he instead pulled aside Representative Joe Sanfelippo and reminded him that he had just left his full-time job to become a County Supervisor; so cutting his job to part time didn’t necessarily work for him. The hint was obvious: me first, then my constituents.  In addition to being a Franklin Alderman and a Milwaukee County Supervisor of the 9th District, perhaps Taylor could run for another government office to draw a bigger salary from taxpayers. “Aaron Rodriguez  - The Red Fox – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – April 27, 2013




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Steve Olson Top Vote Getter in Mayoral Primary – Basil Ryan Is Out of The Picture

After today’s primary for Franklin Mayor, Steve Olson was the top vote getter in the field of three candidates. AlderVisor Steve Taylor barely squeaked out enough votes to get second place over last place Basil Ryan.

In the unverified voter count from todays election the results are as follows:

  1. Steve Olson  1,096 votes for 46.32% of the votes
  2. Steve Taylor 722 votes for 30.52% of the votes
  3. Basil Ryan 536 votes for 22.65% of the votes
  4. Write-Ins 12 votes for .51% of the votes

Steve Olson won virtually all 6 districts except for the 4th District which Taylor received 12 more votes while on the other hand Steve Olson won his old district by 87 votes. Basil Ryan did not win any of the 6 Districts. Normally an incumbent Alderman would expect a larger amount of voters like Olson did, not so for Taylor.

It could be that residents did not like the personal attacks that AlderVisor Taylor has started to mount already.

The April 1st election will most likely show Steve Taylor with an even bigger loss of votes for Mayor as he tries to keep his 4th District Aldermanic seat against School Board President Janet Evans a popular vote getter on the School Board.

Unofficial Results from February 18 Franklin Mayoral Primary
Unofficial Results from February 18 Franklin Mayoral Primary
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Franklin Mayoral Primary on February 18th

We are just days before you the voters in Franklin decide who will go head to head for Mayor of Franklin on Tuesday February 18th. The top two vote getters will go on to the April 1st (April Fools Day) general spring election.

Most people in Franklin are oblivious to this primary election, and could care less. I am hoping to change your mind and motivate you to get off of dead ass to vote. This is especially important as this election will affect your property taxes and how this city is perceived by State, County and other local governments.

This is where there are major differences in the three candidates that are running for Mayor of Franklin.

First off is Steve Olson, who held office as a Franklin Alderman from 1998 through 2001, moving to another district in Franklin and was Alderman there from 2004 through 2013 when he chose to retire from his aldermanic seat. Olson has served on most of the committees in the city which he has compiled a vast amount of knowledge of how the city runs.

As a fiscal conservative he’s been a strident defender of the taxpayer by offering many cost saving measures and attempts to reduce the spending within the city. He voted against increased spending in each of the city budgets over the last 8 years. Yet is a prime supporter of the police and fire departments which keeps Franklin a safe city to live in. Olson is known throughout the State of Wisconsin for his work to promote Franklin’s Sexual predator ordinance, that has kept our children safe.

So why should you vote for Steve Olson for Mayor of Franklin? He knows the city and its’ residents. He’s got a long history with how the city developed and has a great vision of where the city should go. He’s thoughtful. He knows he works for the constituents. He knows that tax money is the peoples’ money. He has his interests focused on the city not political office. He’s a business man that thinks in a logical businesslike manner. He’ll use his skills to bring more business here and to manage the affairs of the city.

Then you have Steve Taylor, known on this blog as AlderVisor Taylor. Taylor came to Franklin with political ambitions in mind. Taylor has only been in Franklin since 2006, was appointed to the Environmental Commission (the least applied for commission) in 2007 and proceeded to use that appointment to run for Alderman in 2008. One of the early attempts at political stepping was his push to make the job of Franklin Mayor a full time position. He was the only person on the council who supported this idea, which many purport was his eventual intention to seek the Mayoral position. This ended with both Mayor Taylor and the vote by the City of Franklin Taxpayers rejecting the idea, Taylor was angry. Since Steve Taylor could not make ends meet with his job selling insurance and aldermanic pay, he ran for County Supervisor in 2012. Little did he know that the State legislature was about to drop the anvil on his proverbial head to make Milwaukee County Supervisors a part time position with pay to match.

Since then Steve Taylor toyed with running for State Representative Honadel’s 21st District Assembly office when Honadel retired early, just to find out that the Republican Party had already chosen a much more solid candidate in Jessie Rodriquez. Not about to waste his new wife’s inherited money, the Aldervisor decided not to run for that office.

Now comes Mayor Tom Taylor’s decision not to run for office this April. Steve Taylor (Tom Taylor will testify under oath that there is no relationship) has decided to run for both Mayor and Alderman of his district in the April 1st 2014 spring election, hedging his income in case he does not win Mayor. So he is also running for Alderman of his district (MayorDerVisor Taylor?).

Steve Taylor has admitted that since his indiscretion of trying to politically damage County Board Chairwoman Dimitrijevic,  he lacks the influence to get Milwaukee County support for projects in Franklin.

Taylor is notorious for a  history of temper tantrums on the Franklin City Council. He publicly stated at a Common Council meeting bragging that was just the way things are, that there are just people on the council that he won’t get along with (read disagree with him).

We don’t need a wannabe professional politician that is just using the position of Mayor of Franklin as a stepping stone for his political aspirations because he doesn’t really want to work for a living.

That leaves us with the third candidate Basil Ryan. Many Franklin residents  have never heard of Ryan and those that have (namely voters in the 4th District), remember how they ousted Ryan in a recall election, replacing him with Peko Pete Kosovitch.

Ryan ran last election against Mayor Tom Taylor and was soundly beaten despite the litigious actions brought against Mayor Taylor. Taylor did pay the $10,000 price of loans he made to himself for the campaign.

Realistically what most voters that can remember about the time that Basil Ryan was Alderman in the 4th district, were the ruckuses that were common place in the Council Chambers at the time. I certainly remember it as a 25 year resident and was happy to see him go.

Simply said, voters would rather have Basil in their spaghetti sauce than at City Hall!

I am urging you to vote on Tuesday February, 18th and to Vote for Steve Olson for Franklin Mayor unless you want Franklin to become THE laughing stock of the southeastern suburbs.

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