Steve Taylor Now Getting Desperate – He May Find Himself in Court Again!

Let’s see.

Steve Taylor’s fellow conservative County Supervisors do not support him.

Steve Taylor’s conservative fellow County Supervisor candidates do not support him.

As a matter of fact they support his opponent Patti Logsdon.

No professional associations endorsing him this year either.

If he wins, his salary is cut in half and if he loses, he will only have his Aldermanic salary of $9,000. Obviously he is despirate to continue on as our DO NOTHING County Supervisor until he can find someother political gig.

He claims that former Governor Tommy Thompson supports him, but wait, Thompson supports Patti Logsdon too!

Now in desperation he has posted this on his FaceBook page slandering the former Alderman which he ran against in his first two elections.

Taylor Desparation

As Steve Taylor does not specify what he is talking about or anything specific, I contacted Pete Kosovich to see what the AlderVisor was ranting about. This is what he has provided:

From: [email protected]

To: [email protected]

Sent: 3/30/2016 5:13:14 P.M. Central Daylight Time

Subj: Fwd: Taylor Release


I’m sorry Steve is turning this election into such an ugly battle. His press release is full of lies. I don’t know what he is referring to on an investigation of campaign fraud and spreading rumors about his late wife Marcie. I never hosted a fundraiser for Patti, I donated to it. Steve is spreading lies, and gross distortions of the facts.

Patti has done nothing wrong and doesn’t owe anybody an apology. She is a good Christian woman.

Steve is obviously afraid the truth may come out about his arrest record in La Cross regarding “Pookie” in 1998. Should I get more detailed? Not at this time.

Steve visited an 80+ year old friend from Church last week in an attempt to get some statements that he could twist & distort. What else would you expect from a career politician? The friend had signed Patti’s nomination papers to get her on the ballot. Nothing more.

I am attempting to reach the officer from the Franklin Police Department who questioned me last week in regards to this nonsense. I want to know what was said to him about me.

Please don’t believe the lies & tricks of a desperate politician. Vote Patti Logsdon on April, 5th.

Todays update is…


Sergeant Goens,

I just got off the phone with Patti Logsdon. Upon her own investigating, it was discovered the below posting was on Steve Taylor’s Facebook page, not as a press release as I had previously been told. I still believe that what he said in his posting is libelous, and I may want to proceed with legal action against him. I need a copy of your investigation with the determination that there is no merit in his claims. Please make it available ASAP. I will call you tomorrow for the status report. If you wish to reach me during the day you can call me at work at 281 …..

Thanks, Pete Kosovich


Remember Steve Taylor is proficient at distorting the truth for his own benefit!



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Just Another Good Reason To Rid Ourselves of Steve Taylor

No Taylor

In a recent posting FranklinNow blogger Kevin Fischer dug into the past performance of AlderVisor Steve Taylor and documented how Taylor talks out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to fiscal conservativeness. Taylor has been linked to playing footsies with Liberal Democrat Chris Larson who is running for County Exec. He has been shunned by conservative County Supervisors and County Supervisor candidates alike because of his lack of performance in office. Not to mention, Steve Taylors criminal past and conviction for Obstruction to a Law officer as an Alderman in Lacrosse. Journal Sentinel writer Dan Bice and others have written about this and many have said his arrogance and dishonesty are the reason he lost his position in Lacrosse and then later on as an Alderman and Mayoral candidate in Franklin.

Plainly said, we don’t need Steve Taylor in Franklin Politics.




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Wag The Dog now Franklin’s Wag The Dog


Too often local news is tainted by what the local politicians can get their city’s publication to write. Often time written by part time reporters who don’t have the time to do real reasearch and accept “press releases” from those politicians.

Franklin has such a publication, it is called FranklinNow and is a sub publication of the Journal Sentnal corporation, Milwaukee’s own city newspaper.

Franklin’s Wag The Dog attempts to get additional information that the NOW does not print or post. It is how one 60 year old 26 year resident of Franklin see’s Franklin politics knowing the actual political players that make Franklin WI so interesting.

So where is the old WAG THE DOG.  Good Question … One I don’t have the answer for.

I intend to bring back as much of it as I have time to do.

You can also pick up quick bits and pieces on the FaceBook version of Franklin’s Wag The Dog at:  Franklin’s WAG THE DOG


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