Wag The Dog now Franklin’s Wag The Dog


Too often local news is tainted by what the local politicians can get their city’s publication to write. Often time written by part time reporters who don’t have the time to do real reasearch and accept “press releases” from those politicians.

Franklin has such a publication, it is called FranklinNow and is a sub publication of the Journal Sentnal corporation, Milwaukee’s own city newspaper.

Franklin’s Wag The Dog attempts to get additional information that the NOW does not print or post. It is how one 60 year old 26 year resident of Franklin see’s Franklin politics knowing the actual political players that make Franklin WI so interesting.

So where is the old WAG THE DOG.  Good Question … One I don’t have the answer for.

I intend to bring back as much of it as I have time to do.

You can also pick up quick bits and pieces on the FaceBook version of Franklin’s Wag The Dog at:  Franklin’s WAG THE DOG


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