Watch The AlderVisor Throw his Pen During a Tantrum!

AlderVisor Steve Taylor has asked for “News Coverage” but unfortunately the JS Online and FranklinNow  catches him being disrespectful to Mayor Olson and throwing  a tantrum as he tries to cut the Mayor off when speaking.

His behavior is not tolerated on the County Board so why does he think he can get away with it on the Common Council? Why he is Steve Taylor of course!

If the Below does not Play on your Browser here is the link:


Franklin Common Council argument



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Which is it AlderVisor Taylor?

AlderVisor Steve Taylor’s latest Social media post criticized Mayor Steve Olson’s leadership and a small increase in the Tax rate this year, something that happened 5 out of the 6 years that Steve Taylor was on the Finance Committee and the Common Council President. Now he try’s to take credit for cutting items like, additional improvements to Kayla’s playground, a park he has opposed (must not like children?). He also inserted cuts that will spur development to the Business Park which will bring tax relief in the long run. Something he and Tom Taylor could never do during their time in power.

Steve Taylor's FaceBook Page.

Steve Taylor’s FaceBook Page.

Back in 2010 Aldervisor Taylor (CCP and Finance Commission member) said:

In 2011 Taylor said “There are two or three people who think Franklin is a Tax Hell”, “and if they don’t like it then get the hell out” of course!

So What did AlderVisor Taylor have to say about getting along with his fellow Aldermen when he was on the Common Council his first time.
Why “If you think the Council is going to all get along you are crazy”

I guess this is what his “TAKE BACK FRANKLIN” campaign is all about. He wants to Take us Back to the days where HE is insulting to not just the Common Council members but to the Taxpayers of Franklin too!

BTW Stevo – Why do you keep stealing other politicians ideas, first it was Moving Franklin Forward which you took from the Scott Walker campaign and now the Take Back slogan from Carley Fiorina. Do you have any original ideas? Oh yea, If you don’t like Franklin then just get the Hell Out!


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Residents Oppose Zimmerman’s Rock Development

Mike Zimmerman, Franklin’s golden boy developer, head must be about ready to explode in disbelief. Imagine what he was thinking when listening to the residents of the surrounding subdivisions of his Rock – Mega Sports Complex come one by one to speak out  in opposition to his Field of Dreams. Not only was it his Franklin neighbors but Greendale residents who came out to shooting down his dream.

Originally, Zimmerman had expected to get an overwhelming positive response at the October 27th special meeting of Franklin’s Common Council on a concept review of the Rock project.  After all his two Aldermanic  head cheerleaders were going to be there. The  concept review meeting of his Rock Sports Complex included plans for him pursuing the addition of an indoor sports complex, a baseball stadium as well as apartments, retail, hotels and office buildings.

However after holding a meeting with neighborhoods abounding the area the week before, Zimmerman received a thumbs down from the residents of $500,000 to over $1M homes that skirt the area. Zimmerman retracted the presentation to the Council at the October 27th meeting at the last minute, but despite that, more than 50 angry residents showed up anyway to speak in opposition to not only the Rock Complex but about Mike Zimmerman himself as a developer. The residents in opposition have even started a Social Media Page on FaceBook to share information about the proposed site.

These are not low taxed residents of small, low cost Condos, like owners of the Autumn Ridge Condos or Woodland Trail Condos who recently rejected apartments being built near their average condos. Instead they are Doctors, Lawyers and highly taxed residents of high end executive style subdivisions that had received assurances the area would not be developed like this.

Several speakers at the meeting stated that there would have been more residents in attendance, but after meeting with Zimmerman the week before, then reading AlderVisor Steve Taylor’s pro-Rock rhetoric on social media, they were discouraged from attending this meeting. Not to mention Alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm’s pro-Rock social media blasts that appeared before hand. Residents also stated that there were other council members that had already stated their support for Zimmerman’s project.

AlderVisor Steve Taylor had boasted on his social medial page, that  if he had been elected Mayor, the Rock Stadium would be almost finished by now. Not any surprise to anyone as Mike Zimmerman donated a hefty donation to his failed Mayoral campaign.  Taylor has continued to rip Mayor Olson for not pursuing Mike Zimmerman’s Rock – Field of Dreams.

Steve Taylor's Social Media Page

Steve Taylor’s Social Media Page

Some of the comments that were made before a tense council were:

It is unwanted by the people who live in the area, this proposal betrays the trust of the people who built homes and live in the affected area. Rezoning an area of land for an apartment in an area that was meant to be single family homes would create a lack of trust in Franklin elected officials and will signal to the public DO NOT BUILD IN FRANKLIN because the municipality will just rezone the surrounding land. – Franklin adjoining subdivision resident.

He (Mike Zimmerman) doesn’t have a lot of experience and from research, he’s not as well thought of as a Developer period! This developer (Zimmerman) promised that he was going to have a large berm, there was going to be trees and there would be no light pollution for these neighbors. Well he doesn’t live up to what he said, and this is typical of what would happen a poor developer… This man does not have a track record to do what he says. If it was such a good deal (Zimmerman’s baseball stadium), why did Oak Creek pass it up too? – a Franklin Orthopedic Surgeon who lives in an adjoining subdivision.

I don’t understand why they (UWM Men’s baseball team) would want to travel from the north east side of downtown Milwaukee to the southwest side, and an hour, two hours, three hours depending on traffic. – Franklin Resident and former UWW coach.

Currently, there is significant noise pollution with a few Rock Bands. Now, what’s it going to be like when they have larger bands coming in? It will destroy how our neighborhood is! – Franklin Resident in adjoining subdivision

What is one man’s dream (Zimmerman) can be another man’s nightmare. – Franklin Resident

I am not against development, I am for development. This site carries unique risk. The use as a stadium does not provide a benefit to a majority of Franklin Citizens, just a choice few. – Franklin Resident

The people of the area want development, bit I think there are appropriate places to have certain developments and I think when you have executive style homes, not to sound like a snob, but we chose that area so we could have a nice little community there and I think it is ridicules that we would have apartment complexes with transient people. – Franklin Resident in adjoining subdivision

It’s not about NOT IN MY BACK YARD, it’s everything to do with the integrity, and the respect, the ethics and I have come before this board before, I have never see that from Mr. Zimmerman and it’s not just myself, it’s our community as a whole, las week at the meeting at The Rock, he was very disrespectful to many people, and I believe our group as a whole. – Greendale Resident in an adjoining subdivision

I had buyers walk away from prime real estate in Greendale because they viewed the home with the Rock fully lit up. Values of surrounding properties will go down, and your property tax values will go down too.  – paraphrased from a Greendale realtor

After the meeting we had (with Mike Zimmerman) last week Wednesday, it’s amazing how many people were disillusioned by this that they are not ever here today. They talked about Zimmerman having a friend on the Common Council and how that person was going to vote in favor of his friend. – a Franklin Resident of an adjoining subdivision

How is Mr. Zimmerman getting away with shows going to midnight and the Hills Have Eyes going to midnight? ….. Even with my storm windows closed we can hear the noise going on and I am not even across the street … My little boy has a hard time getting to sleep and on school nights when they have the Hills Have Eyes! – Franklin Mother in an adjoining subdivision.


Many of these have been paraphrased and you can listen to the complete comments on the city website at these links:

Alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm took offence to the comment that the one woman made that “They talked about Zimmerman having a friend on the Common Council and how that person was going to vote in favor of his friend” stating that it was made about her. But when you have a social media site that highlights the Zimmerman project and discard residents … well you can draw your own conclusion where residents may feel that Wilhelm and Steve Taylor are playing footsie with Mike Zimmerman.

Kristen Wilhelm 3rd District Social Media Page

Kristen Wilhelm 3rd District Social Media Page

In addition residents can draw further conclusions about who on the Council is friendly with Mike Zimmerman:

Loves Zimmerman

We all are waiting with bated breath to see how this comes out.

Remember, Alderwoman Janet Evans was Recalled because she was accused of not listening to residents. Could two Alderpersons face the same fate??

More to Read on the Subject:





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Franklin’s 4th District Recall Election

As stated many times here on Wag the Dog over many years, Franklin does not need a Politician the likes of Steve Taylor. Steve was seething with anger when he lost the Mayor’s election, his 6 year seat as 4th District Alderman and had his salary slashed.

One thing you have to remember, and this is shown through Steve Taylor’s political career, he doesn’t just get MAD he gets Revenge.

Some Examples:

  • When Steve lost the Mayor’s election a year ago April, he sent a letter to all his fellow County Supervisors criticizing one of his fellow County Supervisors for her support of his opponent. Now he is making it a point of supporting her opponent in her re-election bid in 2016.
  • In my experience, Steve Taylor and his deceased wife have tried to meddle in my job, by first publicly revealing my employer, but also contacting executives of my company. Luckily I work for an employer that believes in freedom of speech and in freedom of who I choose to politically endorse or admonish. Steve Taylor and his wife both call for my employer to terminate my employment due to my criticism of his politics. Taylor has a problem with free speech but only when it is critical of him. Taylor coerced a blogger to stop writing as an inducement to get a commission position with the city.
  • Taylor’s wife contacted the City of Franklin police department to see if they could stop my blog postings that were critical of his politics. Franklin Police politely declined, however when I was appointed for the Technology Commission, she wrote an email to all the aldermen saying the Police were investigating me.
  • Steve Taylor is a backdoor terrorist and bully. He purposely researched and met with neighborhood groups seeking to find ways to discredit Janet Evans. There are witness!

Now Steve Taylor’s Campaign Theme:

Take Back Franklin!

Take Back Franklin to what?

  • Take Back Franklin to the 5 out of 6 years of Steve Taylor’s Aldermanic dysfunction we saw Tax increases.

    • With all the Tax Increases Taylor over his first 5 years as Alderman he kept saying “I don’t hear anyone complaining at baseball games I go to or at any of ribbon cuttings right Mr. Mayor”. Oh that’s right he was a finance committee member all those years too.
    • Steve Taylor told Bloggers who were critical that if they though Franklin was a Tax Hell, they should just get our of Franklin!
  • Take Back Franklin to even more mistrust and dysfunction.

    • Steve Taylor said he did not like Alderman Steve Olson along with other aldermen and could not work with him when he was an alderman. Taylor has done nothing but challenge the Franklin city leadership (unethical for an elected county official that represents Franklin), works through sneaky back door politics, and continues to publicly discredited Franklin Aldermen and Mayor Steve Olson on his Facebook page. I guess this would have nothing to do with Olson’s Mayoral win by 60% against Steve Taylor.
    • Taylor is not trusted in his current position as a County Supervisor and  proof is extremely disliked by his fellow County Board members, the former County Board President and the County Executive has alluded to Steve Taylor to be an ignorant clown. Is anyone seeing a trend here.
    • Steve Taylor has claimed the support of Franklin Professional Firefighters union in the past but due to his Politics, they will not support him in this election.


  • Take Back Franklin to Empty Retail

    • More retail left Franklin during the so called leadership of Steve Taylor as Council President and Tom Taylor Mayoral years. In fact both were more interested in promoting their own political careers and had excuses for why no planning was being done for better fiscal times. It was under their leadership we lost Meijer’s in Franklin to Oak Creek not the current administration, Teflon Taylor is trying to blame.

Blame Game

    • During those “bad financial times” Oak Creek, the Oak Creek Mayor and Common Council president were busy planning the Oak Creek Towne Center while under the Taylor Twits leadership (because remember what Steve Taylor said that he was just a heart beat away from being Mayor as the Common Council president) we had nothing planned for any development in Franklin. When the economy improved, Oak Creek was starting to build. Mayor Steve Olson had to start from square one, getting financing and planning to get development off the ground. Doing this while working with a Steve Taylor backed Common Council president Kristen Wilhelm who takes her puppet queues from Steve Taylor.


  • Take Back Franklin to Business Park Development to a Stand Still

    • Steve Taylor is opposed to Business Park development despite there is growing interest under the leadership of Mayor Steve Olson.
    • Remember it was under the Taylors leadership that Harley Davidson packed up and left.
    • Taylor also claims that the Rock Baseball stadium would have been built by now had he still been either Mayor or Alderman. One would not doubt this as his relationship with Mike Zimmerman the owner of the Rock helped to finance his last attempt to run in Franklin.
  • Loves Zimmerman

Steve Taylor want’s to Take Back Franklin but only because he needs the job to launch his next political venture. If he get’s in, want to bet he works towards making the Mayor’s job become a full time position and guess who will run for it???

Belling sums it up in this pod cast when Taylor was eyeing up the Wisconsin Assembly position won by Jesse Rodregues.

Remember, Steve Taylor claimed to be a supporter of Scott Walker. Steve Taylor even claimed he was against the Recall of Scott Walker despite his former campaign manager being a signer of the Recall petition. Yet Steve Taylor does not want to give Janet Evans her 3 years in office and would be willing to spend your money to get back into Franklin’s City Hall!


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Steve Taylor Just Can’t Stand to Lose! Now He is Behind the Recall of Janet Evans?

Steve Taylor, a former Franklin Alderman lost big time on April 1st, 2014.  His triple losing streak started with his loss for Mayor of Franklin (you know, by a small margin of 60%) but in tandem, he also lost his Alderman’s re-election bid at the same time.  The final smack to the back of his head in on that fateful April 1st election was that Franklin voters said he was being paid too  much as full-time at a County Supervisor, while only performing part-time work.  The vote resulted in majority of Franklin and Milwaukee County forcing  his salary and other County Supervisors down to part-time status in 2016 if he chose to run again. Conservative radio talk show host Charley Sykes tweeted  “Steve Taylor the Loser of the Day.”

How could this career politician make ends meet?? He has no other job.

Of course this would just not do for the angry and vengeful Steve Taylor, who had been heard to say that “the only reason he lost was because so few people voted.” DUH –  so few people voted for him!  Now apparently,  he has set out to do exactly what the Democrats tried to do to Governor Scott Walker. RECALL his former Opponent!

Kevin Fisher in a recent blog reveals that Steve Taylor is the driving force behind the recall of 4th District Alderwoman Janet Evans, the person who beat him and became the 4th Districts alderwoman.

You can read more about it here on Kevin’s FranklinNOW blog.

One only has to Google  Steve Taylor to see that was thrown out of office as an Alderman in Lacrosse,  and again recently Steve Taylor was thrown office in Franklin x2. So what does Steve Taylor have to lose by promoting lies about Janet Evans?  He NEEDs  another chance to run for his old position.

Taylor has claimed to be a Conservative Republican, but conservative pundits have proven that is not true, he has been discredited by talk radio by both Mark Belling and Charlie Sykes. Taylor claims to be a follower of Scott Walker but the Kevin Fischer posting shows that his actions are just as bad as those that tried to recall Walker. Proving what those pundits have said, “Simply said is a RINO” who is willing to throw other Conservatives like both Alderwoman Janet Evans and Mayor Steve Olson under the bus to get into office.


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Is Alderman Duh-Ugh Schmidt Just a Puppet of Ex-Mayor Tommy Taylor?

You bet he is.

Doug Schmidt

Doug Schmidt

Never in the past years that Hizz Honor Tommy Taylor (the Ex-Mayor and my former alderman) have a citizen feed an Alderman a motion which the lackey Alderman Schmidt read verbatim. Tommy set Doug Schmidt up for his first page and a half motion during the citizen comment period, actually saying that it was Tom Taylors motion not Doug Schmidt’s.

In the Former Mayors motion, Schmidt had no idea what he was even reading! When asked to clarify his motion and points of the motion, Doug just stammered and looked like a deer in the headlights. At points looking to the Ex-Mayor for help because, he was looking foolish mumbling his answers of gibberish.  To help his puppet save face, the Ex-Mayor started talking out of order during the discussion of the motion which none of the alderman understood because it was long and confusing.

Mayor Steve Olson, needed to reign in the Ex-Mayor who started speaking out of order, explaining that he was the Former Mayor and not on the Council. Alderman Dan Mayor, offered the motion to open the floor to the Ex-Mayor.

After several rude remarks by the Ex-Mayor and his justifying using Doug Schmidt as his puppet, he attempted to do what Tom Taylor  never would have tolerated from a former Mayor, and that was speaking disrespectfully to the current Mayor.

It is this writers opinion that Ex-Mayor Taylor can’t stand being out of the political arena and can’t stand that the current Mayor is doing something he failed to do as Mayor, which is moving Franklin Forward with development. Under Tom Taylors “leadership” Franklin consistently lost development and under his watch, we lost development in not only the business park but in retail development too!

Under our current Mayor, Steve Olson, there have finally been developers that are looking at Franklin again as a place to locate their business. Empty retail locations are filling back up, including ones that sat empty over most of Tom Taylors tenure as Mayor. Developers see Mayor Steve Olson as someone who will move things forward for Franklin vs. Tom Taylor’s efforts to be the President of the ICC and his lackadaisical come if you want attitude toward developers.

One only has to look as far as the failed Fountains of Franklin (you know Tom Taylor’s vision of Downtown Franklin),  the exodus of Harley Davidson from the Business Park and the downhill spiral of retail development at 76th & Rawson. If NML had not threatened to move out of Franklin, God only know how 27th would have turned out under Tom Taylor’s (leadership?).

Taylor’s recent interference has shown  more of an effort to put roadblocks in the way for development in Franklin rather that moving Franklin Forward. Why? Maybe it’s because he does not want to fade into the past as the Mayor who was know for bringing water and sewer to citizens that did not want it on rural land in Franklin.

Another Taylor in the Mix

So who else is behind this? None other than County Supervisor Steve Taylor, who was in attendance making snide remarks to others around him and posting to his Facebook page with rude remarks about the man who beat him by a huge margin.





Rumors are that he has been helping the Recall Janet Evans folks and if you read his “Steve Taylor for Franklin” FaceBook page has done nothing but criticized, Franklin, the Common Council, Alderwoman Janet Evans and of course Mayor Steve Olson.


Steve Taylor is well know for his slimy politics, especially when he loses political campaign like he did for both Alderman of Franklin’s 4th District and for Mayor. Not to mention his loss as Alderman when he was in Lacrosse.  Taylor is looking at the odds for running as a part time County Supervisor (which he already is as far as the time he puts in) during the 2016 re-election and they don’t look to good. From what I understand, there are several well known names planning on taking that seat away from him too.

So instead, he is trying to smear those that won against him in hopes that folks in Franklin will forget he was part of the worst economic years in Franklin and did NOTHING as Tom Taylor’s Common Council President. Easy for him to forget that Franklin is where it is because of his lack of leadership. Do we want more excuses from him? I don’t!

So, Where can you hear all this fun and adventure?

Try Here:



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Kayla’s Krew supports Mayor Olson’s Veto

Considering this! The folks over at Kayla’s Krew now realize the truth about Franklin Politics. Despite the political face that Alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm and Doug Schmidt portray as advocates, their push is to put the Kayla’s Krew playground in a Milwaukee County park rather than part of the Franklin Parks where it belongs.

As Mayor Olson has stated, this way we can make sure that this effort moves ahead rather than depending on Milwaukee County to put it off to possibly never. Look how long it takes for anything through the County Board even if our three County Supervisors are on board! We have a project start date of September and we want to help Kayla’s Krew meet that.

When you consider the history of political posturing of County Supervisor Steve Taylor’s or the  minimal efforts he has performed as one of our County Supervisors you can understand why, there is doubt.  Taylor has made a career attempting to pander to Oak Creek and Hales Corners, while ignoring his constituents in Franklin.

Please check out what the folks over at Kayla’s Krew have to say and come to the Special Common Council Meeting on Monday March 23rd at 5:30pm in the Courtroom of the Franklin Law Enforcement Center, 9455 West Loomis Road, to make your voice heard to Alderwoman Wilhelm and Alderman Schmidt. Tell them to stop playing politics!

Alderman Kristen Wilhelm

Alderman Kristen Wilhelm

  • Alderwoman Wilhelm’s email :
  • [email protected]
  • Alderwoman Wilhelm’s Phone Number:
  • 414-427-7603
Doug Schmidt

Doug Schmidt

  • Alderman Schmidt’s email: [email protected]
  • Alderman Schmidt’s Phone:
  • 414-529-1965



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A Perspective On Franklin and New Development

In the months to come, Franklin will be seeing a new restaurant open, or possibly two. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article last Friday confirming the opening of the Eau Claire based Milwaukee Burger Co. fourth location right here in Franklin Wisconsin. Normally we see new up and coming restaurants, locating in Brookfield, Greenfield (Southridge) or in the exclusive Oak Creek town center!!

So why would anyone come to Franklin of all cities, instead of one of “those” places??  Could it be because in the past few months, under the Franklin city leadership of Mayor Steve Olson, business is gaining a new perspective of a positive outreach by our city to promote development.

I have heard rumblings of more and more business ventures seeking out the City of Franklin, looking to move here because of the initiatives that are being driven by city hall.

As the word gets out, I would expect more of our “empty” shopping developments such as the old Tumbleweeds empty since 2008, where the Milwaukee Burger Co. will move in April, will become a bad memory  of the past administration.

We are seeing several projects moving toward fruition in the past year. The building of a new hotel on 76th and Rawson. A mixed development near the Rock. Yes and even the moving in of the Dollar Store which now occupies a formerly large space which Sentry foods use to reside is a plus to Franklin taxpayers.

In addition, City Hall is seeing much interest in the 350 acre addition to the business park which is part of the total $380 million dollar project to develop the business park, retail development and housing . Some of that interest has brought company’s like Valenti Classics to Franklin. This dedication to development has help to promote existing Business Park ventures such as the expansion of offices and manufacturing for Microbial Discovery Group.

Or you can believe those that will say that Franklin is a directionless city with no chance of getting anyone to develop here. You know the one guy that lost three times in April!

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UPDATE: Why Can’t Franklin be more like OAK CREEK!

Recently I was amused by the “shock” that the Dollar Tree was being “allowed” by the City of Franklin to move into the old Sentry in the Orchard View Shopping Center on 76th and Rawson. I am sure you know it as, the “upscale” mall in the heart of “Franklin’s Downtown”!  It’s the one with an Ace Hardware, Snap Fitness, Cousins Subs, Domino Pizza, The Green Tea Garden, a Taylor shop, defunct Tanning place and the list go’s on.

The clamor continues to rise above the din of the explosions coming from the Franklin Quarry just a couple blocks away “WHY CAN’T FRANKLIN BE MORE LIKE OAK CREEK!”

Well alright already, your wish is developer Jim O’Malley’s command!

If OAK CREEK has one then so should Franklin. But .. If we only had a TJ MAX……..

Oak Creek Dollar Tree

If OAK CREEK has one. Then FRANKLIN needs one too!

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This is what REAL County Board Leadership Looks Like

Given that we have seen an unending pattern of violence in Milwaukee County I recently  received this in an email from one of the known conservative County Board Supervisors Deanna Alexander. Her video message is about the deaths of innocent children by violent thugs and the dangerous protests over Law Enforcement in Milwaukee County. Now I am a child of the 70’s, had long hair, did the peace – love thing. This is not the protests of those days gone bye. They are aggressive race baiting mob scenes and intimidation to people just trying to get home after a long day at work.

Unfortunately our very own County Supervisor Steve Taylor uses his time publishing pictures of him kissing up to the Governor, or political schmoozing at Grand Openings instead of addressing real issues going on in Milwaukee County in his communications to his select audience of constituents.

Even more recently getting involved with City of Franklin issues that he has nothing to do with. I like many of his constituents want Steve Taylor to keep his focus on doing County Business he was elected for not sticking his nose in the City of Franklin government, something his constituents and the City of Franklin voters told him to do when he lost so horrendously this past April for Alderman and Mayor!!!


A Special Video Message Concerning Protests and Law Enforcement – and a New Year’s Wish for you!

Deanna Alexander - Campaign to Rebrand Milwaukee County

A Necessary Message 

Many people don’t know what to say about the violence and protests that have erupted in Milwaukee and across the nation, or if it is even acceptable to say something.

You supported me to be a voice for you – to have the courage to say publicly what needs to be heard.

But we both know that simply sending out a press release at time like this would just get lost in the noise.

That’s why I am sending you this video, where I speak directly to the public – to anyone who will listen – to help bring some sense back to this national conversation.

Last night I attended the annual recognition of Milwaukee’s homicide victims.  This was the 4th consecutive year I’ve been to this year-end candlelight vigil.  Every year there’s a prayer for change and too many candles for people who left us too soon.

This year there were over 90 people killed in Milwaukee!  But as Sheriff Clarke said from the front of the room, change begins with each one of us.  So my New Year’s wish for each of us is not just the typical “health, wealth, and happiness,” but also love, courage, and peace. 

Please join me on New Year’s Day for a peaceful demonstration of support for our men and women in blue.  Feel free to make a sign, bring a blue light, or just come to stand with us… because all lives matter.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

4pm – 6pm at Mayfair Mall

West parking lot, along Hwy. 100

2500 N. Mayfair Rd. in Milwaukee

Please share this video and invite your friends and family to join us on New Years Day!

As always, thank you!

A Citizen for Servant Leadership



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